Production Engineering Graduate

As part of the Bosch Group of Companies, at Protec Fire and Security Group we have an opportunity for a recent graduate specialising in manufacturing, electronics, software & process engineering. This is an entry-level graduate role with great opportunities for advancement and career development, including a placement at an overseas Bosch plant in the first year of employment.

  • Closing Date:TBC
  • Job Location:Nelson, Head Office

Typical Responsibilties

  • Based at our UK Production facility in Nelson, Lancashire, you will gain in-depth insight in all aspects of manufacturing in an electronics environment with a focus on production processes & optimization, planning & performance management and collaboration supporting new technologies and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • During a 3 month overseas assignment in a Bosch plant, you can expect exciting specialist and project tasks on operational and strategic topics, for example in the areas of automation, digitalisation, problem solving, BPS and value stream management.
  • With the support of a mentor and both on and off-the-job training, you will be expected to participate in training programs to strengthen your technical and professional skills and personal development.

Person Specification

Candidates shall be able to demonstrate the necessary qualifications, experience, skills, and traits to meet the requirements set below. Requirements for the role shall be evidenced on the application form and in the interview process. Please use the following as guidance when completing the further information section of your application form.

Qualifications Essential / Desirable To be identified by
Bachelor‘s degree with professional experience in electronics/software engineering, or related field. Essential Application
Experience Essential / Desirable To be identified by
Knowledge of manufacturing processes and production systems Essential Interview / Application
Familiarity with software, engineering tools and general knowledge of safety regulations and standards Essential Interview / Application
Knowledge of electronics/software engineering Essential Interview / Application
Skills / Abilities Essential / Desirable To be identified by
Ability to work flexibly in a team environment Essential Interview
German Language Desirable Interview / Application
Strong analytical and problem solving abilities Essential Interview / Application
Attention to detail and organisational skills. Essential Interview / Application
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Essential Interview / Application
Fluency in English Essential Interview / Application
Other Essential / Desirable To be identified by
Willingness to learn & adapt to new technologies Essential Interview / Application
Interest in familiarizing yourself with new tasks and enjoyment of varied tasks Essential Interview / Application
Ability to work independently, manage multiple tasks and drive projects. Essential Interview / Application
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