Technical Support Engineer

To provide a comprehensive Technical Support service to field staff, remotely advising on the operation and troubleshooting of both current and legacy Protec systems as well as some third-party equipment. Ensuring up to date knowledge of all relevant British Standards is essential.

  • Closing Date:TBC
  • Job Location:Nelson, Head Office

Typical Responsibilties

  • Respond to queries from engineering staff, offering technical guidance and support over the telephone to assist in the diagnosis/reparation of faults or other issues.
  • To maintain an up to date working knowledge of all Protec systems, both current and legacy, as well as any necessary third-party equipment.
  • Handle enquiries in a courteous manner, responding as appropriate by telephone or e-mail.
  • Highlight concerns or repetition of faults or issues to the Technical Services Manager, providing in depth information where necessary.
  • Conduct training of engineering staff either on or off site as necessary.
  • Provide support to a wide range of people beyond engineering staff such as export clients, sales engineers, design staff, end users via telephone and other means of communication where appropriate.
  • Assist with qualification testing of new software and hardware
  • Abroad travel to support export clients (as and when required)
  • Any other duties commensurate with the role.

Person Specification

Candidates shall be able to demonstrate the necessary qualifications, experience, skills, and traits to meet the requirements set below. Requirements for the role shall be evidenced on the application form and in the interview process. Please use the following as guidance when completing the further information section of your application form.

Qualifications Essential / Desirable To be identified by
A full Electrical based qualification such as City & Guilds, ONC, HNC etc Essential Application
Experience Essential / Desirable To be identified by
Experience of working within the electrical / electronic sector Essential Application
A working knowledge of electrical circuits & measuring devices Essential Interview
Experience of working with and commissioning Fire Alarms and associated systems Essential Application
Familiarity with safe working practices and Health & Safety requirements Desirable Interview / Application
Skills / Abilities Essential / Desirable To be identified by
Excellent customer service skills Essential Interview / Application
Competent using technology such as laptops, measuring devices, smart phones etc Essential Interview
Ability to accurately guide someone through problem solving of complicated electronic systems remotely Essential Interview / Application
Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team Essential Interview
Excellent oral and written communication skills Essential Interview / Application
The ability to communicate effectively with staff at varying levels throughout the company Essential Interview
Other Essential / Desirable To be identified by
A thorough understanding of relevant British Standards Desirable Interview
A genuine interest in your work with an enthusiasm and willingness to learn Essential Interview / Application
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