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City Tower Manchester

City Tower, Manchester

City Tower Manchester

The project brief outlined by Buro Happold Fire Engineering Consultants was to revise Bruntwood's current evacuation strategy of the fire alarm system at their head office in Piccadilly Manchester to provide a safer and more efficient means of evacuating people from this 30 storey building in the event of a fire.

Following numerous fire strategy meetings with Both Bruntwood and Buro Happold it was agreed This could be achieved with the installation of Protec 6000+ voice enhanced detectors throughout City Tower The Protec 6000+ detectors incorporate an alert message, evacuate message and also a test message. Giving the client the capability of alerting occupants of the fire condition and providing clear instruction on when to leave the building resulting in a smoother evacuation, reducing the potential for overcrowding on stair cores. The site is served by an existing Protec 6400 Fire Alarm system which we were able, through programming to implement the necessary Cause and Effect matrix for a phased evacuation process in the tower Upon completion a live fire alarm test was undertaken and the whole building was evacuated in under 35 minutes. All parties involved, including Bruntwood, Buro Happold and Local Fire Authorities who witnessed the evacuation were more than happy with the results.

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