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Media City UK


Media City UK

Media City – One of the most prestigious developments in the UK opened by the Queen in March 2012 selected Protec Fire & Security Group to install a 6400 networked fire system, IP CCTV and SALTO Access control systems to look after its valued clients including:

  • The BBC

  • ITV Granada

  • Holiday Inn

  • SIS – Satellite Information Services

  • Salford University Media Division

  • Various tenants - Bars & Restaurants


The Media City in Salford Quays is the UK's first purpose built media hub built on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. Construction started in 2007 with the site owner, Peel Group as developer and Bovis Lend Lease as main contractor for the 200-acre site.

The media facilities opened in stages from 2007.

The principal tenant, the BBC approved moving five London-based departments to the NW development - with as many as 1,600 jobs re-locating from London, as well as several major BBC departments including BBC Children's, Sport, New Media, Five Live and Breakfast to MCUK by the end of 2011.

Buildings and facilities protected by Protec Fire Detection plc

The BBC occupies three buildings: Bridge House, Dock House, and Quay House

  • Quay House is the BBC's 135,000-square-foot main building from where BBC Breakfast, Match of the Day, BBC Radio 5 Live, North West Tonight and BBC Radio Manchester are broadcast.
  • Bridge House is where Blue Peter, Mastermind, Dragons Den & BBC Bitesize are produced.
  • Dock House contains the BBC's Research, Religion and Ethics departments. Protec assisted with the design and installed a complex fire alarm and detection system incorporating colour graphics display, voice alarm, disabled refuge and loop induction systems for all the BBC buildings. The three BBC buildings are all networked and display on the graphics display in the control room to assist in determining the origin of the source of the alarm.
  • The Orange Tower Building houses departments from the University of Salford on three floors and ITV Granada occupy a further seven floors. Protec assisted in the design, installation and commissioning of the fire, voice alarms and security systems including CCTV, access and intruder alarms and disabled refuge and loop induction systems.
  • The Blue Tower Building has amongst its tenants – SIS ‘Satellite Information Services’ the UK & Ireland’s biggest television programming and data sports services supplier who re-located from their London headquarters to occupy three floors of the Blue Tower at Media City in July 2012. Protec helped design, install and commission fire detection, sprinklers, CCTV, access, intruder, disabled refuge and loop induction systems.
  • The Studios operated by Peel located on Broadway, contain seven high-definition studios, claimed by Peel Media to be the largest such facility in Europe. The larger of two audio studios, sitting on hydraulic jacks to insulate it from noise generated in the surrounding studios, is dedicated to the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Protec helped to design, install and commission the fire alarm and detection, voice alarm, CCTV, access, intruder, disabled refuge and loop induction systems.
  • The Studio block contains offices and the glass-fronted, 16-storey Holiday Inn hotel. Protec supplied and commissioned the fire systems and designed and installed the security systems.  
  • TheHeart and NumberOne are the two residential apartment complexes providing 378 apartments in two tower blocks. TheHeart is a 22-storey apartment building on the quayside and NumberOne, another 22-storey building, is next to the studio facilities in which Protec supplied and commissioned the fire alarm and detection systems
  • MSCP – A multi-story car park for staff, tenants and visitors to MCUK is at the north of the development which also houses major energy plant. Protec designed, installed and commissioned the fire alarm and detection, gas extinguishing systems and the CCTV and access control security systems.                   


Protec have also been selected by Peel’s FM provider, Cofely to service and maintain the Media City site’s large networked fire alarm and detection systems and much of the security systems.

  • Fire Alarm
  • Aspirating Fire Detection
  • Graphics System
  • Voice Evacuation & Public Address
  • Loop Induction
  • Disabled Refuge & Disabled Toliet Systems
  • Gas Suppression
  • Intruder Detection
  • Access Control
  • CCTV Systems

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