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KNAUF Industries, Poland
Sector: Manufacturing

Project Overview

Knauf Industries Poland is part of the 35 modern production facilities owned by the KNAUF Group, the largest Polystyrene processor in the world. They specialise in the mass production of Polystyrene products which serve many industry sectors such as electronics, motor and construction industries, to name just a few. 

Services Covered
  • Fire Alarm
  • Aspirating Detection

The Challange

Protec network partners D+H Polska were set with the challenge of installing a fire detection system at the Knauf Industries facility in Poland. Due to the high value of their manufacturing equipment and machinery, the KNAUF Industries site had special insurance requirements for a specialist fire protection system. A high-speed and effective detection method was required to protect the machines, where early warning of a fire is paramount. KNAUF is home to multiple high-value devices within their facility. Due to the physical complexity of this equipment, detailed consideration was given when choosing a fire detection solution to protect the intricate high-value machines.

The Solution

Aspirating Detection – When it comes to intricate spaces covered with fire protection, most people will consider linear heat detection as the solution. Linear heat detection can be installed in pretty much any environment as it’s only a simple cable linked to a control unit. However, the problem with linear heat detection is that it doesn’t offer the early warning that other types of detection do. With that in mind, aspirating detection would be the only solution to be considered for this complex challenge.

The Cirrus HYBRID detectors offered swift and effective detection of smoke and fire. The possibility to reach the demanding spaces is also a distinct advantage thanks to Protec’s extensive collection of aspirating pipes, capillaries, and other purpose-made components. These innovative products all proved imperative, especially in the cases of the compressor housing areas. A mixture of ABS impact resistant pipes and sampling points makes up the compressor housing aspirating systems; this detection method allies perfectly with complex structures requiring detection. The detection pipes sit inside the machine housing, which links back to the Cirrus HYBRID detectors mounted externally adjacent to the valuable machinery.

The maintenance of the Cirrus HYBRID aspirating detectors continues to be beneficial to the client. The aspirating pipes all feedback to a detector mounted on the wall adjacent to the machines, enabling an easily accessible maintenance solution at periodic intervals without dismantling any of the compressor housings. An engineer goes to the easily assessable detector and utilises a 7-inch touch screen, and controls the units from there, omitting any need to open high-value compressors.


The Standards Met

All Protec Fire Detection PLC equipment in the Knauf Industries Poland is certified to EN 54 and carry the European standard CE mark. Holding various worldwide accreditations across our product range ensures that Protec equipment is an ideal life safety solution for projects across Europe.

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