Nido Spitalfields
Nido Spitalfields
Sector: Accomodation

Project Overview

Nido is a 33-storey tower, situated in the heart of the bustling Spitalfields district of London; The tower is the third tallest student dormitory in the world. The building offers a modern student housing development providing 1,200 student beds as well as retail units, office space, residential apartments, and several leisure facilities.

Services Covered
  • Fire Alarm
  • Disabled Refuge
  • Disabled Toilet Alarm
  • CCTV
  • Access Control

The Challenge

Protec was issued with the task of supplying, installing and commissioning a complete package of fire alarm, disabled accessibility and security systems to meet the client’s specific needs.

The Nido Spitalfield project is an inner-city student accommodation any design features which would speed up the build process alongside a well-designed fire alarm system would be instrumental in securing a project like this.

The Solution

Fire alarm – High rise student living in central London demands a fire detection and alarm system that is second to none. Hence Nido Spitalfields having Protec Algotec 6000PLUS multisensor loop driven detector sounders installed throughout.

These integrated devices provided a reduction in the total number of components required on the project by combining what would be separate detectors and sounder units into one complete detector head. Consolidating the two units reduced installation time-on-site and in turn, a lower final cost for the client.

The Protec system utilises 2,300 of the company’s fast fix installation bases for detector/sounder modules. The Protec fast-fix bases work by combining the galvanised conduit box and a standard detector base into one unit. The use of the fast-fix base significantly speeds up the installation in line with the streamlined construction methods employed throughout the rest of the build.

A vital benefit of the Protec 6000PLUS multisensor detectors is their ability to reduce false alarms drastically. Typically, in an accommodation environment, factors such as leaving a hot shower running, excessive aerosol use, or using a hair drier too close to an old type detector all add to the risk of false alarms. The 6000PLUS achieves this excellent discrimination by using its sensitive, optical smoke detector, together with additional heat sensing elements.

The sensors connect via the detection loops to Algotec 6400 interactive digital addressable fire sensor control panels. The detectors, combined with sophisticated algorithms, match patterns of activity with hundreds of hours of test data Protec has collected. By doing this, the system can then assess between fire and non-fire scenario, therefore, reducing the risk of a false alarm.

The Nido complex uses a total of four control panels, with one more repeater for the tower itself. The system provides 43 detection loops in total. Despite the number of devices involved, wiring and commissioning was a relatively straightforward matter. By using FAST (Firmware addressed Secure Technology), each fire alarm device is uniquely addressed from the control panel. Applying the FAST method of addressing the devices negates the need for the engineer to go around each detector and address them manually, saving time and money on the project.

Simon Field, Protec’s Southern Regional Associate Director, said: “The use of Protec’s ‘Fast Fix’ detector bases was influential in securing this project. As they significantly speed up the installation process in line with the specified schedule associated with an inner-city build such as this”.

The new purpose-built Nido student centre at Spitalfields with its state-of-the-art Protec fire detection system sets new standards of excellence for both accommodation and life safety.

The Aftercare

Protec provided the fire alarm system with an open protocol installed; this gave the client the ability to employ their chosen maintenance team who continue to maintain and service the system as and when required.

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