Engineering Apprenticeship Applications Now Live!

Leaving school can be a daunting time for any young adult. The years of people asking you “what do you want to do when you grow up?” is now becoming a scary reality. A young adult has such options as: do I go out and get a job? or do I go to college and get qualifications? This decision is the first big decision a young adult makes by themselves and one that will shape their lives for the future. But what if you could combine the two? What if you could get a further education while working and engineer a career from this? (pun intended) The Protec Engineering Apprenticeship gives you just that.

Apprentice working in a production facility

The Protec Engineering Apprenticeship

When applying for an engineering job, there are two main questions: what experience do you have? And what qualifications do you have? If you struggle to answer these, then the truth is you will likely struggle to get the position. If you are successful, you may have to take the job on a lesser wage until you build up experience in the role. Doing an Apprenticeship solves these two problems as you gain both over time while offering valuable prospects for a professional career.


What is the Protec Engineering Apprenticeship?

The Protec Engineering Apprenticeship takes on under 24’s and offers them the opportunity to get into the engineering world. The apprenticeship sees young adults taking on a full-time role at Protec, at our head office Nelson, Lancashire. The full-time experience involves four days working in our production facility with the remaining day at Nelson & Colne College. Four days were spent working in the production facility where the young applicants gain valuable engineering skills. In contrast, one day a week at college learning the theory behind their daily engineering role. Combining the theory and practical skills the young engineers will achieve BTEC’s, HNC’s and other qualifications, all well regarded in the engineering industry.

Once the initial apprenticeship term ends the storey doesn’t end there. As part of our ‘promote from within’ policy, we like to see our young apprentices thrive and push themselves further. We offer our young engineers’ opportunities to move into larger roles within the company. They could take on office or laboratory-based roles as Design or Research & Development Engineers. Or if they want to venture out into the open world to apply their engineering knowledge, they can become Project, Installation or Commission Engineers. The engineering world is at their feet.


What is the Protec Engineering Apprenticeship Like?

As part of the scheme, we spoke to one of our design engineers who went through our apprenticeship scheme. Here’s what he had to say:

“When I left school, I decided I wanted to go to college. But in my first year at college, I saw my friends having money and enjoying themselves. I felt I was missing out, so I decided I wanted a job so I could enjoy myself with them. I went to work at a fast-food chain. After a few months, I felt stuck in a dead-end job and needed to get out. I came across the national apprenticeship schemes where I could earn money and gain a profession at the same time.

By joining the Protec under the young engineers’ apprenticeship scheme as a production apprentice. I gained experience with tools and techniques (most of which I use till this day when I’m doing DIY at home). After a couple of years in production, I moved to the test room to work with electrical circuits. I learned about how these electronic circuits and components worked at college—gaining various qualifications such as my GNVQ, BTEC and HNC. While at college, I came to meet other engineers from industries such as aerospace, construction, etc. It helped me form friendships with people in different engineering areas which I still keep in touch with today.

After my apprenticeship ended, Protec allowed me to further my knowledge and expertise in a Design Engineer role. I have worked on some massive projects such as hospitals, shopping centres and train stations, all I found interesting and exciting. My interest in engineering has continued outside of Protec. I have since gained other qualifications in a push to learn more about the industry. All of this from the back of simple apprenticeship. I would recommend the idea of an apprenticeship to school leavers as it offers everything at a young age: education, experience and best of all, money.”


How Do I Apply?

There are apparent restrictions in today’s world due to the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, Protec will sadly not attend any apprenticeship evenings this year like we usually would. But that doesn’t mean we still aren’t looking at taking on young apprentices. We gladly invite any young potential engineer to apply for our Engineers’ Apprenticeship Scheme and come to work in the engineering industry and have a long and prosperous future with us.

This year we intend to have multiple positions open depending on age and experience:

  • 3 – 4 apprentices studying for a BTEC & HNC over four years. Candidates would require five GCSE’s at grade C and above with Maths & English or alternative college qualification.
  • 1 – 2 apprentices to enter the scheme at HNC level for two years candidates would be required to have a BTEC or A level qualifications (preferable in a science background).

We are looking to start holding interviews in April with the successful candidates starting with us in August however these dates may be delayed depending on COVID restrictions. Should you be interested in finding out that bit more and applying head over to our apprenticeship page, download the form and send it back to us either via post or email.