Product Focus – 6000PLUS Addressable Sensor Range

The point detector is the most common of all fire detection devices. Sometimes taken for granted, it is the first line of defence for fire protection. Many elements are taken into consideration when it comes to fire protection. However, the most critical decision is not the chosen brand or its open or closed protocol but the type of point detector selected. This verdict determines the safety of you, your colleagues, your customers and your property. The 6000PLUS range is Protec’s addressable range of point sensors (detectors). The sensor range is designed with the user in mind and offers a wide range of benefits to each project.

Product Focus - 6000PLUS Addressable Sensor Range

Safety First

Safety is the primary concern of any project, and everything associated with a project must meet the correct regulations, and point detection is no different. You want to be confident in knowing that you are safe if anything fails, should the worst happen. You need a robust and reliable system in place to establish your certainty. By installing a system that is certified by industry regulators and that carries sufficient approvals, it will provide you with this reassurance.

The 6000PLUS sensor range meets the current EN 54 industry standards, and as with all Protec EN 54 equipment, carries the CE mark and the BSI Kitemark™ or similar quality mark. Manufacturing standards are kept high through our BS EN ISO 9001 and SP201 (LPS 1014) accreditations. The accumulation of approvals and certifications all justify the quality of the Protec 6000PLUS sensor range. It provides fortitude that the sensors installed are not compromised when it comes to safety or manufacturing quality.


Combat False Alarms

False alarms are more than just an annoyance; they can also be damaging to your company. Issues such as downtime or unnecessary callouts to the fire brigade due to false alarms all prove troublesome. The 6000PLUS range of addressable sensors combats this problem. The range utilises the Algo-Tec™ 6000PLUS protocol, and this technology allows the fire alarm system to continuously evaluate each sensor’s analogue data. This data may change naturally over time as each sensor becomes contaminated with dust. With other smoke detectors, this can be problematic as it can cause a false alarm. However, Protec’s technology recognises this change and adjusts the fire threshold to suit, drastically reducing the chances of a false alarm.


One Addressable Sensor for Every Situation

Every project comes with multiple problems and constraints to fire detection. Choosing the correct detection method for the environment is paramount to having a safe and compliant system. The 6000PLUS range features an addressable sensor for just about every scenario. The range comes in four different variants:

  • Optical sensors (grey ident ring) – Perfect for places like ceiling voids and corridors where simple optical detection will suffice.
  • Heat sensors (red ident ring) – Ideal in dusty and steamy environments where optical detection may not be suitable.
  • Optical/Heat sensors (blue ident ring) – Perfect when two detection types combine to reduce false alarms, such as hotel rooms where steam and aerosols could prove troublesome to regular sensors.
  • Optical/Heat/Carbon Monoxide sensors (black ident ring) – The intelligent combination of three detection technologies offers the ultimate protection. It is ideal for combating chemical and specialist fires that produce low levels of heat and smoke but lots of carbon monoxide.

 6000PLUS Addressable Sensors


All in The Head

The 6000PLUS sensors are one of a few addressable sensor heads on the market that incorporate sounders, talking sounders, and visual alarm devices (VADs) into one sensor head. All sensor bases remain standard, regardless of the detector type, whilst negating the need for an additional address for the sensor base. Life becomes easier for installers and commissioning engineers because the sensor base takes up no valuable fire alarm system addresses.

Visual identification of the sensor type is made simple by applying coloured rings on the detector head. The ring highlights the sensor technology and whether it incorporates a sounder, talking sounder or visual alarm device (VAD). Although this visual element to the design might seem simple, the small ident ring gives an engineer/building officer the ability to determine the sensor type in a matter of seconds. Making sensors easily identifiable, it is no longer necessary to use as-fitted drawings or, in a worst-case scenario, having to remove the sensor. All this information can be found in our handy ident ring guide here.


Protection While Being Discreet

Through contemporary design, buildings are becoming increasingly stylish; architects continuously push the boundaries regarding aesthetics and construction methods. Newer buildings no longer have flat white ceilings or monotonous suspended office ceilings, seen since the ’70s. We are now witnessing ceilings becoming focal points, much like walls or furniture. Services are now in full view, with ceilings painted to match the building décor. Consequently, point detectors need to fall in line to meet current times and trends.

Detector heads, sometimes seen as intrusive on a ceiling. However, short of expensive air sampling or what could be temperamental beam detection, point detection is the only viable solution. This means a sensor that blends into the environment as much as physically possible is always going to be. Protec solves this problem by offering a fast fix base. Not only does it provide a time-saving solution to the installation of point detection, but it also provides a semi-flush appearance of the detector. This means only the detector head sits below the false ceiling, leaving a more visually pleasing finish.


‘FAST™’ Addressable Commissioning

Commissioning of detectors is always a chore. Commissioning once consisted of an engineer sat for endless hours alongside piles of paperwork, boxes of sensors and some sticky labels. But what if there was a quicker solution to this where there would be no need to sit for hours, flicking fiddly switches or popping away at address cards?

The 6000PLUS range of sensors combats this through its simple use of our FAST™ (Firmware Addressed Secure Technology) commissioning method. Each sensor leaves the factory carrying a unique serial number and associated removable barcodes. The engineer scans both barcodes at commission time, one staying on the detector and the other placed into the loop commissioning manual. The system may then be programmed from the manual, using intelligent commissioning software. This simple, straightforward method removes the need for fiddly dill switches or any awkward address cards, which are now outdated.

Protec continues to produce innovative fire protection products. We develop our products through our team of time served, highly trained research and development engineers. This team work together tirelessly with the consumer in mind throughout the development process. As a result, we produce user-focused products, which become the backbone of a reliable and dependable fire alarm system.

For more information on the 6000PLUS sensor series and our other fire alarm products, head over to our products page.