Protec Duet with Vicon at the M&S Bank Arena

The prestigious M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool is entrusted with hosting multiple sports and entertainment events throughout the year. With every event, the arena and guests’ safety and security are paramount. Protec Fire and Security Group, with our 14 years of experience in installing and maintaining fire and security products at the arena, were tasked with upgrading the existing system to a new cutting-edge, fully digital CCTV solution for the full facility, including the interconnected Convention centre.


In order to ensure that the arena’s daily operations run smoothly, we collaborated closely with Vicon, a leading CCTV system partner, to provide a cutting-edge security system for the venue. This involved upgrading the existing Datalog Security Management system from Cortech Developments Ltd. We replaced the partially analogue ViconNet system with the advanced Valerus VMS management system, which has led to faster investigations, improved reaction times, and reduced support costs. To fully realise the benefits of the new equipment, we also carried out a complete refurbishment of the control room with the help of Intech Solutions LTD.

The installation of Vicon IP cameras, equipped with advanced video analytics, uses machine learning algorithms and allows for real-time detection and response to security threats. The entire IP solution is fully integrated and provides high-resolution images throughout the arena estate, with improved CCTV coverage along the waterfront and surrounding areas. Despite the tight system delivery timeframe and increased threat of terror attacks on entertainment venues in the UK, Protec and Vicon completed the installation and handed it over to the arena staff in the designated timescale.

Protec Security Front End

Our partnership with Vicon provided the client with a robust, adaptable, and easy-to-use security system that kept the arena and its guests safe during the Eurovision competition and beyond. The advanced AI-enhanced video analytics of the IP cameras ensure reliable, accurate alerts that aid security personnel in responding quickly to potential threats, while the cutting-edge recording capabilities ensure that important video footage is always available, even in the event of a network failure.

The successful integration project was particularly rewarding for Protec Fire and Security Group, as it demonstrated the power and effectiveness of our security solutions. With advanced features, ease of use, and flexibility, this project is a testament to our delivery of reliable, high-quality video surveillance and Integration systems that protect guests, performers, and venue staff.

Commenting on the success of the project, James Francis, Head of Security for ACC Liverpool, said:

“Protec Security & Fire Group consistently displayed the shared values of ACC Liverpool, putting the safety and security of the venue and customers at the heart of every decision. From the initial concept through to the design and installation phases of the project, the Protec team showed the highest level of professionalism and dedication to deliver an outstanding control room solution for our venue.”

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