Protec is Attending Data Centres World London 2022

The team are back on the road and off to another Data Centre event. This time it’s Data Centre World 2022 London at the ExCeL exhibition centre. We are pleased to announce Protec will be attending the event to showcase the very best of our fire detection and fire protection system and services. But the questions are, who’s going? What products are we taking and most important of all how do you get your tickets?

Data Centre World 2022 Event

What is Data Centres World London, and why are we going?

Data Centres World London (DCW22 London) is a yearly event held at the ExCel exhibition centre in London. It’s the coming together of a who’s who in the data centre industry where these companies can exhibit their new products and services, which will hit the data centre sector over the next 12 months.

Aspirating Detection Event Stand

Data centres are a crucial part of today’s world. They are being built rapidly and are utilised by the majority of the world to hold vast amounts of essential data, from selfies to Bitcoin. With that in mind, you must ensure data centres have first-class detection and protection. At Protec, we pride ourselves as an industry leader in the protection of data centres from fire, offering the very best in fire detection and protection methods, so what better way of showcasing this than attending some of the most prolific shows in the data centre industry.


Who’s Going?

The team going to DCW22 London will be made up of Michael Calvert, our Specialist Detections Systems Manager from Protec Fire Detection (Export) and Alex Swatman, our Business Development Manager for Protec Camerfield. They will be on hand to meet and greet you and discuss all things fire detection and fire protection in a data centre environment. They will present how our industry-leading systems and services would benefit you on your next or your current data centre project.


What Products are We Taking?



The multi-award-winning Cirrus HYBRID is the ultimate solution to fire and smoke detection. Utilising optical Scatter Chamber Detection (SCD) alongside our Cloud Chamber Detection (CCD) method makes the Cirrus HYBRID an unparalleled early warning fire & smoke detector.

Protec Cirrus HYBRID

Feature-rich in its offerings with third-party connection and live camera set up, this innovative product has become a firm favourite for fire and smoke detection in the data centre industry. The Cirrus HYBRID is the only aspirating detector on the market to offer two types of detection methods, with both detection methods also negating troublesome false alarms. Meaning it’s the ideal candidate to protect your high-value data centre project.

Our specialist detection systems manager Michael will be carrying out demonstrations on our stand at the DCW22 London event. He will also answer your questions on our range specialist fire detection solutions.


Watermist Fire Protection

We plan to exhibit both our high and low-pressure water mist solutions as part of our display for you to get hands-on with these great products. We will be taking a complete product range of high-pressure water mist valves from Aquasys along with a selection of products from our low-pressure water mist suppliers Vid Fire Kill, Prevent and Viking. Our business development manager, Alex, will be on hand to talk you through the systems and services we offer which can protect your high-value data centre.

Aquasys Watermist Nozzles

Aquasys low-pressure Water mist nozzles

Alongside our water mist solutions, Alex will also be happy to answer your questions and talk you through our other fire suppression systems and services, such as Gas Suppression and Fixed Fire suppression.

Gas Suppression Install

Gas supression installation

How do I get Tickets?

Great news the tickets for this event are FREE, and you get them here. We look forward to seeing you at the event and hope you will take time to talk to Alex and Michael and discuss all things fire detection and protection and how we can help you with your next data centre project.