Technical Bulletin – KAC Call Points

An issue was identified by the KAC Alarm Company Ltd and as a result a safety bulletin was sent to Protec which related to an issue with certain KAC Call Points when the Flexi element was pushed.

Manual Call Point Manufacture

Manufacturer’s statement

“We have identified an issue with KAC Call Points when the Flexi element is pushed. In affected units, the Flexi element may not drop and initiate an alarm as intended on the initial “push”. The affected unit may initiate an alarm upon subsequent attempts to push the Flexi element. This may present a fire safety risk.”


Our response

We have been informed that only units/components manufactured using the flexi element and shipped between 27th July and 7th September are affected.

Protec Fire Detection PLC have isolated and quarantined any stock we have received that may be affected by the above issue. We would therefore like to reassure our clients that none of the affected stock has been supplied.

This statement is intended to inform and reassure clients and other interested parties of our due diligence as our response to the safety bulletin received from KAC.

Should any further statements from KAC be released on this issue, we will take any necessary corrective/preventive actions.