The Protec Rebrand F.A.Q’s

As you will be aware, Protec is currently undergoing a rebrand to highlight becoming part of Bosch Building Technologies. Below are some FAQ’s to help answer any questions you may have.

Protec A Bosch Company

Is the company changing its name?

No, we will remain as Protec Fire and Security Group (still Protec for short). All the companies within the group will also retain their trading names. The only thing that will change is the company logo next to our brand colours. In the future, all our Protec companies will continue as they are. However, they will all use the new logo and colour palette in the future to symbolise the unity of the Protec Fire and Security Group.

Why did you decide to rebrand?

Protec and Bosch Building Technologies are two companies with distinct identities. Protec, renowned for its strong presence in the fire and security industry, is complemented by Bosch Building Technologies, a widely recognised technology leader with a household name. The acquisition of Protec by Bosch was fuelled by a shared ethos and values between the two companies. This strategic collaboration is a testament to the integration of Protec into the Bosch family, underpinned by a commitment to excellence in both fire safety and technological innovation. Embracing the ‘A Bosch Company’ within our logo, we aim to symbolise the collective success and strengths of both Protec and Bosch Building Technologies.

Why have you decided to do this now?

In December 2021, Bosch acquired Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd, which initiated a 24-month merger process. This process successfully integrated Protec into Bosch Building Technologies, and to celebrate this integration, a rebranding project was launched to incorporate Bosch into our corporate logo.

What are we likely to see in the future?

Undertaking a complete corporate rebrand is a challenging task that cannot be completed overnight. For this reason, we have developed a plan to ensure that the rebranding process covers all aspects of the business, from simple tasks, such as updating letterheads, to more complex ones, such as changing hundreds of product documents.

The rebrand starts with updating the customer-facing elements, such as building signage and new designs for our fleet of over 250 vans and cars. We will then move on to more complex tasks such as websites, portals, and event stands. These tasks will be completed behind the scenes and will follow in due course.

Will your contact details remain the same?

Yes, phone numbers, web addresses, and email addresses will remain the same.

Will anything change on social media?

Yes and no.

Our goal is to unify all of our social media entities so that we can publish information about each social media entity from a single page. We want to make it easy for our followers to explore our other business offerings beyond our fire and security platforms, regardless of which brand they follow.

On LinkedIn, we will merge all of our separate business pages into one Protec Fire and Security Group page. The logo and cover images will change, but you won’t need to follow a new page. All our followers will be automatically migrated to the new look page.

Facebook will remain the same, it is already under the Protec Group banner. We will just change the logo and cover image to match our new brand identity.

Finally, some exciting news! We are now on the Instagram platform, so followers will be able to keep up to date with all Protec activities. You can find our Instagram page here

Further Questions

If you have any more questions about the rebrand, please contact our marketing team at, and they will be happy to help.