We Are Attending Data Centres Ireland 2021

Large scale events are back! And with that, it means Protec’s ready to get the show on the road and start attending fire and security industry events. The first stop is Ireland for our export team, where they will be attending Data Centres Ireland.

The event will take place over two days, 16-17 November, at RDS in Dublin. The event is a collection of everyone involved in the data centre industry where companies can discuss their latest products, technologies, and methods. But what are we doing there? What products are we taking? And how can Protec benefit the data centre industry? Let’s find out.


Data Centres Ireland November 16th-17th 2021


Why is Protec Going?

Data centres continue to be one of the biggest and fastest-growing industry sectors. The increase of people working from home and online shopping has led to a progressive push for companies to move from selling out of brick-and-mortar establishments to set up shop from a cloud-based address. With this push, there is a more apparent need for data and how it is stored, creating a need for the construction of data centres.

Data centres are like banks, but instead of holding money, they contain valuable information. In these times, data compares to cash. It is unquestionable how precious data is to companies. Like in the fairy tales, Rumpelstiltskin once turned straw into gold, companies utilising a digital platform turn data into gold. With that in mind, it’s apparent data centres need first-class protection. Should the worst happen and fire occur in one of these data centres, it could not only take down one business but 100’s if not 1000’s.

As Protec offers some of the most innovative early warning fire detection systems on the market today, it means we are at the forefront of fire protection for these data centres. Without a doubt, Data Centres Ireland is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our award-winning systems.


Aspirating Detection Event Stand


What Products Are We Taking?

We offer many fire detection methods, but the data centre industry favours our aspirating detection systems. It is down to the sheer speed at which an aspirating detector can discover a fire. With that in mind, it makes sense that the sensors we intend to present will be our aspirating detection systems.

Our Export and Specialist Detection managers Chris Malone and Michael Calvert, will talk you through our aspirating detector solutions. They will answer all your questions on the ProPoint PLUS (PPP) and our new Aspirating Detector Remote Display Panel (ADRDP); they will assist you in how these products can feature in your data centre and what constraints they can overcome to be the ideal solution for an early fire warning.

The stand will also showcase the very best of our aspirating detectors. The two that will make an appearance are the recent FM Approved Cirrus HYBRID and Cirrus CCD, giving you the whole hands-on experience of these detectors and what they offer. You will be able to see the impeccable quality of the products as well as navigate the slick, user-intuitive menus through their 7-inch full-colour LCD touchscreens.



The first detector will be the award-winning Protec Cirrus HYBRID. It is the only dual technology aspirating unit on the market. Combining traditional Scatter Chamber Detection (SCD) with our exclusive Cloud Chamber Detection (CCD) ensures unparalleled levels of early warning detection and false alarm elimination. The Cirrus HYBRID is the ultimate solution for fire detection within data centres and the reason why it will be taking pride of place on stand 405. Our representatives will be able to give you demonstrations of this industry-leading technology alongside discussing the best way to utilise its features and how to apply them to a real-world environment.


Cirrus CCD

The second detector that will be on show is the Protec Cirrus CCD (Cloud Chamber Detector). This detector incorporates our unique cloud chamber technology, which uses microscopic combustion particles to identify a fire in a room.

This method is proven to be at the pinnacle of fire detection technology as it identifies a fire in the earliest possible stage. The Cirrus CCD recognises the fire at what is known as the ‘Thermal Particulate Stage’ when a combustible material starts to break down due to it overheating, creating invisible carbon particles. It is these carbon particles the Cirrus CCD looks for while analysing the air to identify a fire. With this industry-leading technology alongside its newly accredited FM approval, the Cirrus CCD is an ideal candidate to feature in not just Irish data centres but also in data centres worldwide.


Protec Cirrus CCD Detector


How Does The Data Centre Industry Benefit From Protec?

We have spoken about industry-leading detection systems that we offer, ideally suited to the data centre industry. But it’s not just our sensors that prove to be desirable; it’s the whole package that we offer. Protec is a front runner in life safety systems and offers complete turnkey solutions to projects. We are there from start to finish, every step along the way. We even provide the aftercare to help service and maintain the systems so you can rest assured you aren’t sold a product and left to it. We are there to hold your hand and assist you before, during and long after your construction journey. We back this up with our decades of expertise in the field, leading to our systems protecting buildings worldwide.

Both Michael and Chris will be more than happy to help discuss how Protec as a company can be a one-stop solution to the protection of life and property. Should you want a small fire detection system or a large-scale fire suppression system. We have teams dedicated to dealing with the multiple life/property safety systems in data centre projects.

If you are interested in knowing more about our systems and looking to go to the Data Centres Ireland event, why not drop in on Michael and Chris and chat with them about our life and property saving solutions. You will find them on stand 405 from 16-17th November at RDS, Dublin, Ireland. If you want to register for your FREE ticket to the event, then head over to the data centres website found here.