We Are Going to Intersec 2023

Our team’s off to the big event in the Middle East. Sadly, it’s too late for the World Cup, so instead, our Export Team are taking the Protec trade show stand to Intersec 2023 in Dubai. But the questions are: what is Intersec 2023? Who’s going from the team? What is being exhibited? How do you get tickets? Let us answer those questions now.

Intersec 2023 Dates

What is Intersec 2023?

Intersec 2023 takes place from 17 – 19 January 2023 and is a huge global event in the fire and security industry. It is where some of the leading life safety companies from around the world come together under one roof in Dubai. Protec will be there with our stand, ready to educate you on our range of products. The event is hugely successful, boasting over 30,000 visitors from over 120 countries.


Intersec Dubai


Who’s Going?

Our Export Team of Chris, Hannah, Kelvin, and Michael will be joined by one of our local Middle Eastern partners Scientechnic who will answer all the questions on our range of fire detection solutions. The stand will be fully interactive in the form of QR codes directing people to the product information on the Protec.co.uk website. Our Export Team will also be on hand to demonstrate the remote capabilities of the Protec range. From their iPads, they will show how a user can control and monitor Protec systems and devices from any remote location.


What is Being Exhibited?

At Intersec 2023, we will have a large stand showcasing a wide selection of Protec fire alarm and specialist detection solutions, such as:

The Protec 6500

Our flagship fire alarm control panel will be there. Featuring a 19-inch touchscreen front-end graphical user interface with Hercules 6. The fully addressable, totally scalable open protocol capabilities of the 6500 fire alarm control panel make it an ideal candidate for fire safety on any size project in any business sector. Running our 6000PLUS protocol, the intelligent digital addressable protocol provides a host of features to aid in detecting smoke and fire, with consumer-focused features assisting in installing our 6000PLUS sensor range.

Interfacing Solutions

Third-party interfacing is a vital requirement of fire alarm systems. The MEI and interfacing solutions connect to third-party systems and facilitate control, status and faults, plus lots more. These endless possibilities will be showcased within the 6500 system.

Our Aspirating Detector Range

Together with our 6000 sensors range, we will be exhibiting our globally approved aspirating detector range made up of the ProPoint PLUS, Cirrus CCD and Cirrus HYBRID. The ProPoint PLUS optical aspirating detector utilises highly sensitive optical sensors to identify small amounts of visible smoke. The Cirrus CCD will display how cloud chamber technology is one of the best fire detection technologies on the market.


Protec Cirrus CCD Detector


Finally, not forgetting the multi-award-winning Cirrus HYBRID combines Optical and Cloud Chamber technologies into one device to form the ultimate solution for fire and smoke detection at the earliest possible stage. Our specialist detection manager will be on hand to explain how the Protec range of aspirating detection solutions would be ideal for featuring in your next project.

New Remote Monitoring Technologies

Remote monitoring is all the rage in the fire industry, people want to see what their building systems are doing at any time, and fire alarm systems are no different. With that in mind, we will take one of our newest products, the ADRDP, which allows you to monitor your aspirating detectors from a remote location utilising your existing IT infrastructure.

Finally, we will display a new prototype that offers remote monitoring for Protec fire alarm systems. It will show how the Protec systems can be monitored from anywhere globally using a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, all enabled by the internet, so you can now get the information you need on the go. However, to know more about our latest innovative device, you must be there! So, head to Hall 4 Stand F38 at Intersec 2023 to witness this and all the other range of Protec products in action.

The team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


How do you get Tickets?

So how do you get hold of the tickets? Well, that’s simple. All you need to do is check out the Intersec 2023 website and register your interest in a ticket here Should you have any more questions about Protec or our products at the event, come and meet the team. Or, if you are interested in becoming a network partner, why not contact our Export Team today at export@protec.co.uk.