Our Products

At Protec, we supply high-tech products according to exacting customer requirements, and our products are renowned for their innovation, reliability and durability. Our comprehensive range encompasses direct firefighting measures like extinguishers and fire suppression systems, as well as systems designed to facilitate communication and swift evacuation, such as public address systems and disabled refuge telephones. All have been designed and manufactured to strict UK safety standards and certifications, in accordance with our reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fire detection systems and services.

Fire Detection

With decades of specialist expertise behind us here at Protec, we supply an extensive range of cutting-edge fire detection systems suitable for properties of any type or size – spanning conventional and addressable fire detection systems all the way up to advanced wireless systems and aspirating smoke detectors.

Evacuation Alert System

Evacuation Alert Control and Indicating Equipment (EACIE) is to ensure an uncomplicated method of evacuating a building on a floor-by-floor basis by the fire services. The EvacPro is Protec’s answer to an EACIE. It has been designed from the ground up to meet BS 8629 explicitly. The EvacPro takes the alert and evacuation methods found in our other life safety systems and provides a robust and reliable solution to a building evacuation.

Gas Detection

Ensure safety in all working environments using fixed gas detection systems, detectors, monitors and alarms. The release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency or enrichment, as well as the presence of flammable gases and vapours, can be monitored with our complete range of fixed gas detectors.

Voice Evacuation / Public Address

While alarm bells and sirens are effective ways of alerting the occupants of a building to the existence of an emergency, our range of voice evacuation and public address systems enable you to take this one step further by quickly and clearly communicating key safety messages and instructions as the situation unfolds, helping facilitate a speedier and safer evacuation.

Accessible Systems

Disabled refuge areas are a key element in any fire evacuation system, and here at Protec we stock a wide range of master stations, outstations and remote alarm panels.

Emergency Lighting

Protec has been a UK leader in the design and manufacture of emergency lighting for over 35 years. Our extensive experience spans across a broad range of self-contained, central battery, static converter and slave luminaire systems, with self-testing and addressable monitoring and testing options.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

We stock an extensive array of fire extinguishers here at Protec, spanning gas, chemical, powder and water variants, enabling you to protect your premises and occupants from almost any eventuality. Our fire extinguishers are compact, reliable and easy to use, and are one of the most effective and frequently used methods to tackle a developing fire.