• EVX-OSA - Emergency Telephone Type A Outstation

EVX-OSA - Emergency Telephone Type A Outstation

Part No. Various
  • Compact Design
  • Ruggedised Handset
  • High Volume Ringer
  • Status LED
  • 20mm Cable Gland knock-out
  • Telecoil for hearing impaired users
  • Full Duplex Operation
  • Fully Compliant to BS5839-9:2011
  • Magnetic Push Catch
  • Stainless Steel as standard
  • Flush bezel available

Product Details

An EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system to assist fire fighters during emergencies in high rise buildings or large sites where radio communication cannot be guaranteed to work due to interference from the fire corona.

BS5839-9:2011 covers the design, installation and operation of fire telephones and disabled refuge systems in buildings, and where both systems are fitted to a building, the standard specifies these should form a single system.

The EVX-OSA is a Type A EVCS outstation compatible with the EVX standalone and network systems.

The outstation is supplied in a brushed stainless finish with a high contrast red screen print with a rugged red telephone handset behind the push door.

A stainless steel bezel is available to allow the outstation to be flushed into a wall reducing the need to stock flush and surface variants.

The EVX-OSA is a Type A outstation as defined in BS5839-9:2011, and can be used as a fire telephone or a disabled refuge call point.

The EVX outstations are designed for use by multi-disability users, having high contrast signage in line with RNIB guidelines and an induction loop coil (to BSEN60118-4) in the handset.

Type A outstations are mainly for use by building management, fire wardens and fire fighters. They should be located as described in BS9999 and Building Regulations Approved Document B, these locations should have a low background noise otherwise you may have to consider acoustic hoods.

Mounting The Outstation
The outstation should be mounted at a height of 1300 to 1400mm from to the centre line of the outstation to the floor to comply with the requirements of Building Regulations Document M (Access for the Disabled).

When flush mounting a cut out of 305mm by 155mm is recommended, the bezel slides over the box and is fixed on the wall using a suitable sealant or mastic If the outstation is to also to be used as a refuge point, suitable space must be allowed so the system can be used by a parked wheelchair.


Dimensions (mm)SurfaceBezelCutout
MaterialStainless Steel


Outstation Cables

TypeEnhanced Fire Resistant
Cores2×2 core 1.5mm Screened


Standards Compliance

Product FamilyBS5839-pt9, BS9999, BS60118-4

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