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Part No. Various
  • Automatic Testing of Self Contained EL
  • LED Indication of Luminaire Status
  • Annual Full Duration Discharge Test
  • Monthly Short Duration Function Test
  • Charger / Battery Fault Indication
  • Test Failed Indication
  • Optional Warning Buzzer

Product Details

These include the Darwen, Marsden, Ribble, Powerflood, Exitplus, Bulkhead and Self Contained Conversion Packs.

The ‘Self Test’ emergency lighting system comprises of self contained emergency lighting luminaires which each have an inbuilt microprocessor to carry out a preprogrammed testing regime independent of each other. Luminaire status and test results are provided using a bi-colour LED indicator, Yellow and Green.

When the luminaire is initially installed and the mains supply is connected (initialisation mode), the LED indicator flashes alternate Yellow/Green.

After approximately 24 hours the luminaire carries out a full rated duration discharge self test, the LED changes state to slow flashing Green. The emergency lamp is illuminated from the emergency battery for the test duration (3 hours).

If the test is successful, the LED changes state to permanent Green until the next scheduled test. If unsuccessful, the LED status will change to slow flashing Yellow. All further tests will be suspended until the luminaire is investigated. If a mains failure occurs during normal conditions, the emergency lamp will be illuminated and the LED indicator extinguished.

If the mains supply is restored before the luminaire is totally discharged, the previous LED indicator results will be displayed. If the mains supply is restored following a total discharge the luminaire returns to ‘initialisation mode’, with alternating Yellow/Green LED indication. The self test routine starts as previous.

The luminaire test results can be reset by pressing and holding the luminaire ‘reset button’ for 5 seconds, which will reset the LED indicator to Green until the next scheduled ‘Self Test’. Continuing to depress the ‘test button’ for 10 seconds will activate a full rated duration discharge test and reset the test timer.

The system is designed to carry out discharge tests in accordance with BS 5266, EN 60598.2-22 and EN 62034:2006 Type S – Automatic Test Systems.

Scheduled Tests

Monthly – 5 minute duration function self test.

Annual – Full rated duration (3 hours) discharge self test.

Note: If a mains supply failure occurs within 24 hours of a scheduled test, the test is delayed by 24 hours.

Reset Button

– Following a fault condition: – Press and hold for 5 seconds to reset luminaire indication to Green, ready for next scheduled test.

– Press and hold for 10 seconds to activate a full rated duration discharge test (3 hours) and reset the scheduled test time.

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