• DigiLite® DL500 MKII Panel
  • DigiLite® DL500 MKII Panel

DigiLite® DL500 MKII Panel

Part No. Various
  • Up to 500 luminaires / interfaces can be accommodated
  • 28 test groups (first 16 groups feature LED indications)
  • Individual test times programmable by group
  • Compatible with Hercules V6.013 and later (DL500 TCP)
  • Built in web-server permits remote monitoring and system verification
  • Bespoke Windows™ Configuration Tool and Excel Text Editor
  • Reduced time to comply with testing requirements of BS5266 part 1 : 2011, BS5266-8:2004 and EN50172.

Product Details

The Protec Digilite®DL500 Single Loop Addressable Emergency Lighting Test Panel has been designed to be the next generation design to the existing DL500 product. The new design offers enhanced features such as programmable test time per group, integrated web-server option and a bespoke Windows™ configuration tool.

The DL500 automatically tests luminaires to the guidelines in BS5266-8:2004 (BSEN50172:2004) and BS62034 and logs any test failures for inspection at a later date.

The panel can accommodate up to 500 luminaires which can be grouped into one of 28 test groups.

The time a test starts in a day is fully programmable, as is the day of the month in which a particular group is tested.

20 characters of luminaire text and group text can be programmed as well as 40 characters of panel text.

Relevant loop addresses can be programmed to maintained or non maintained monitoring, and device based parametric programming has been included to allow full flexibility and future proofing.

The panel will be compatible with all existing DL500 loop devices, as well as new Digilite® LED luminaire ranges.

Remote monitoring, via a standard web browser, is possible on the DL500 TCP variant (using the new DigiView® webserver).

Salient luminaire parameters and status can be viewed and tests can be instigated.

To complement the DL500 a bespoke Windows™ based configuration tool has also been developed which permits rapid configuration of the system.

Operating temperature-10 to 40ºC (no condensation or icing)
Humidity0% to 95% Relative Humidity
(no condensation or icing)
Environmental RatingIP30
Weight1,35 kg
Rated Voltage100V to 240V ac rms
Rated current600mA
Rated frequency50Hz – 60Hz
Loop current600mA average maximum
Loop protocolProtec MX1 V2
Loop addresses500 maximum
Test groups28 maximum
Historic log depth400 test and 400 non test events

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