• Aspirating Detector Remote Display Programmer

Aspirating Detector Remote Display Programmer

Part No. 61-986-ADRDP
  • Compatible with Protec Cirrus HYBRID, Cirrus CCD, ProPoint Plus aspirating detectors and Hercules graphics
  • Up to 98 aspirating detectors can be networked by RS485
  • Remote viewing of the status of any network detector
  • Remote programming of any network detector
  • Remote viewing of event logs, historic particle level graphs and detector configuration data of any network detector
  • 7” full colour multi-function touch screen LCD display
  • Fault signal output contact for any network detector or network fault connection
  • Fire signal output contact for any network detector fire condition 

Product Details

There are many applications where remote access and control of an aspirating detector can be beneficial. These could include, one or more detectors located in difficult access areas, or maybe where the detector information is required at a central control point within the building. 

Additionally, for some aspirating detector installations, where many detectors are installed within a common warehouse building for example, it may not be commercially viable or necessary, to have a full detector display on every detector. For these and many other reasons the Aspirating Detector Remote Display Programmer (ADRDP), has been developed.

Up to 98 of any combination of Cirrus CCD, Cirrus HYBRID or ProPoint Plus Protec aspirating detectors can be connected on an RS485 wired network.

The primary function of the ADRDP is to identify any networked detector which may be in an alarm or  fault condition, thereby allowing the required actions to be carried out. 

The ADRDP is also a single access entry point to any detector allowing visual inspection, many programming features and viewing of detector information, logs and graphs for each device.

For onward signalling each ADRDP is provided with separate (non-monitored) volt-free changeover contacts for an alarm or fault condition on any network detector. A selectable ON/OFF buzzer is provided to alert local personnel, should this be required.

Each ADRDP contains an IP address and an RJ45 connector to allow connection to a site LAN and therefore network access from any location.

Each ADRDP utilises the same 7” full colour touch screen LCD display as the CCD and HYBRID detectors, allowing identical intuitive viewing and control of each device.

An ADRDP may also be used when long RS485 wired installations are necessary. Each ADRDP can be used to boost the network communication length by 1.2km. 

Power Supply20 – 28V dc Minimum 2A dc
Power Supply FusePTC 1.6A (Resettable)
Voltage Operating Range20 to 28V dc
Current Consumption (Peak on power-up)0.7A dc at 24Vdc
Current Consumption (Quiescent)0.2A dc o 24V dc
Power Consumption (Peak on power-up)16.8 Watts
Power Consumption (Quiescent)4.8 Watts
Fault ContactRated at 30V dc 1A dc
(Max resistive load)
(Normally Closed, Non Monitored)
Fire ContactRated at 30V dc 1A dc
(Max resistive load)
(Normally Closed, Non Monitored)
Temperature Range0ºC to 45ºC ambient
Relative HumidityUp to 95% (no condensation or icing)
IndicationsPower (Green LED)
Fault (Amber LED)
Alarm/Fire (Red LED)
7” LCD touch screen display
IP RatingIP30
Cable Access12 x 20mm push out entry points
Cable TerminationScrew terminal blocks
(0.2 – 2.5mm², 24 – 14AWG)
ConnectivityTCP/IP Network protocol (RJ45)
RS485 Network protocol
USB type B Socket connection
Dimensions (mm)226(W) x 342(H) x 112(D)

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