• Cirrus Pro Locator Portable ‘Fire Sniffer’ for Fire Trucks
  • Cirrus Pro Locator Portable ‘Fire Sniffer’ for Fire Trucks
  • Cirrus Pro Locator Portable ‘Fire Sniffer’ for Fire Trucks

Cirrus Pro Locator Portable ‘Fire Sniffer’ for Fire Trucks

Part No. Various
  • Hand-held Portable Early Warning Fire Locating Device for Fire Brigades
  • Can be used to identify fire conditions in difficult to access areas and behind closed doors
  • Completely Self Contained
  • Can be operated from mobile trolley case or removed and carried by hand
  • Multiple sampling head solutions for letter boxes, key holes & closed doors, etc.
  • Can be charged directly from the fire truck
  • LCD Display and Audible Alarm Indicator
    Unique ‘Cloud Chamber’ Technology
  • Already used by various Swedish Fire Brigades

Product Details

The Cirrus Pro Locator (CPL) was the industries first handheld portable air sampling detector that can help guide you to an impending fire threat. CPL is part of the Cirrus Pro Series range of aspirating fire detectors which utilise the unique cloud chamber detection principle.

For many years CPL’s have been typically used in cleanrooms and computer suites to identify the earliest possible origin of an alarm (overheat) condition to allow corrective action to be taken and thus,prevent excessive fire damage.

Following extensive research by Swedish Fire Brigade Intelligance Company Utkiken, it was proven that the CPL, manufactured by Protec Fire Detection in the UK, is an ideal tool to be carried on all fire truck vehicles.

Utkiken Intelligance highlighted a serious fire brigade operational problem in multioccupant apartment blocks, where it can be very difficult to determine which apartment contains the fire. When alarms are raised within these buildings many of the apartments are locked and gaining access to these and other rooms is difficult.

Situations have occurred in which the fire brigade have attended an alarm condition but have been unable to locate the origin apartment. This has resulted in fire vehicles returning to base and being recalled sometime later to a much larger fire condition.

Provisional testing by Utkiken to develop a device to detect fires, like these in locked apartments, has led to the further development of the CPL. Protec Fire Detection are therefore proud to introduce the ‘Fire Sniffer’ portable hand-held detector, designed to be carried in fire trucks attending buildings where locked doors could restrict the identification of the origin of the alarm.

A number of Swedish fire brigades have now adopted these devices as an integral part of the kit on-board their fire trucks and command vehicles.

Designed to be on permanent battery charge in the truck and therefore always ready to use, the ‘Fire Sniffer’ becomes completely self-contained when required for alarm notification.

A number of sampling head attachments are provided within the ‘Fire Sniffer kit’ to allow detection through mail boxes, key holes and even locked doors.

Weight10.8Kg (with mobile case)
5Kg (CPL Only)
Power24V DC (Two 12V 1.3 Ah SLA batteries).
Charger12V DC – 24V DC
FuseT2A 32mm x 6mm.
Battery lifePowers the instrument for 1 Hour before recharging is required.
Operating Temperature32° – 130°F (0 – 54°C).
Humidity0 – 95% RH, non-condensing.
Location IndicatorLED level indicators.
Other IndicatorsPower, Fault, LCD monitoring.

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