• 3500-Panel
  • 3504 4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

3504 4 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Part No. 62-808-UK
  • Available in 2, 4 and 8 zone models
  • Attractive surface or recessed mounting
  • Comprehensive range of engineering functions
  • Zone disablements
  • Ability to differentiate between Manual Call Point or automatic detector alarm
  • Programmable sounders for automatic and/or manual activation 72 Hour standby as standard
  • Third party approved to latest EN54 Parts 2 and 4. Meets the requirements of BS5839 Part 1: 2013

Product Details

The Protec 3500 range of conventional control panels has been designed to provide a simple, user-friendly, highly cost effective option with inbuilt flexibility previously only found in more complex addressable systems.

With 4 detection zones the 3504 Fire Alarm control panel is ideal for small to medium sized buildings such as industrial units, retail units, shops and schools.

The panel can be either surface or recessed mounted, with the controls and indications protected from unauthorised access by entering a user access code. These panel has the ability to identify if a ‘FIRE’ signal has been generated manually by a person activating a Manual Call Point (MCP) or automatically from a detector. This knowledge enables an appropriate cause and effect sequence to be implemented (time delays, for example) to allow for alarm verification for automatic detectors, but immediate alarms from MCPs. Cause and effect functions include coincidence detection, zone delays, pulsing sounders and fire relay. Interconnection with other systems is simplified as zones can be configured as ‘non-latching’, and there is a dedicated ‘class change input’ terminal. The 3504 control panel are third party approved to the latest European standard and meets all the requirements of BS5839 pt1.

Power Supply Mains100V-240V ac
Integral Charger600mA
Auxiliary 24V output24V dc, 150mA max
Maximum Battery Size2 x 12V 3.3Ah
Mains Fuse16A time delay (not replaceable)
Battery Fuse1.6A resettable fuse
Working Voltage18V to 30V DC
Current Consumption22mA (24V DC) + Zone Load
Number of Detector Zones4
Max Zone Cable Length500 metres
Max Zone Cable Capacitance0.25µF
Max Zone Cable Resistance15Ω per conductor
Detector Circuit EOL ValuesResistive(8.2Ω) or capacitive (100µF+22Ω)
Max Quiescent Zone Load5mA per zone
Max Number of Detectors25 per zone (smoke or heat)
Maximum Number of Devices32 (MCP and Dets) per zone
MCP Series Resistor Values180Ω ±5%
Number of Alarm Circuits2
Alarm Circuits EOL Value10kΩ ±5% ¼W
Maximum Alarm Load400mA per circuit
Class Change InputActivates alarm outputs
Global Fault Contacts24V DC 1 A rating
Global Fire Contacts24V DC 1 A rating
Temperature Range-5 to 40°C
Humidity Limit95% Non-Condensing
Dimensions (mm)228(W) x 345(H) x 111(D)

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