• 6000-4IO
  • 4 Channel Input/Output Interface

4 Channel Input/Output Interface

Part No. 6000/4IO
  • 2 x Monitored Detection Zones
  • 2 x Monitored Inputs
  • 2 x Monitored Alarm Outputs
  • 2 x Volt Free Changeover Contacts
  • Auxiliary 24vDC Powered
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Integral Short Circuit Isolator
  • Protec Algo-Tec 6000 Protocol

Product Details

The Protec 4 way input/output interface is a auxiliary powered input / output device providing 2 local zones of conventional detectors, 2 monitored inputs, 2 local monitored alarm outputs and two volt free changeover contacts. The contacts may be used to connect to ancillary equipment.

Loop protocolProtec Algo-tec™ 6000 MX1
Loop isolator fittedYes, on board (consult Protec DEL2110 for details)
Loop voltage range18 to 28V peak loop
Number of loop addresses used4 maximum, user and build configurable
24V Auxiliary input voltage range18 to 28V dc
Environmental operational limits-10 to 50ºC (maximum 95% RH no condensation or icing)
Loop quiescent current (24V loop peak)0.6mA
Loop alarm current (average)0.6mA
Zone short circuit current (24V)26mA peak ± 2mA
Zone end of line requirements (I/P 1 & I/P 2)Resistive – 8.2k ±5% ¼W, Capacitive – 100μ F ±20% in series with 22Ω ±5% ¼W
Input cabling requirementsMaximum cable resistance 6Ω per conductor
Maximum cable capacitance 0.2μ F between cable conductors
Zone quiescent current500μ A maximum ( 10 Protec 3000 detectors per zone )
Zone reset time2 seconds, with active zone discharge
Manual Call Point requirementsMust be fitted with a series 330Ω or 180Ω resistor
Zone short circuit thresholdBelow 5% of supply voltage
Zone fire thresholdBelow 70% of supply voltage
Zone resistive open circuit thresholdAbove 92% of supply voltage
Monitored input end of line detailsEnd of line resistor value 47kΩ 1/4W ±5%
Monitored input short circuit thresholdBelow 230Ω
Monitored input fire thresholdBelow 7.85kΩ
Monitored input pre-alarm thresholdBelow 32kΩ ( Input 3 only )
Monitored input open circuit thresholdAbove 111kΩ
Sounders supportedProtec 3000 series
Sounder circuit end of line10kΩ ¼W ±5%
Sounder circuit cable requirementsMaximum cable resistance depends on Volt drop calculations
Maximum cable capacitance 0.1 F between cable conductors.
Sounder short circuit fault thresholdBelow 2kΩ
Sounder open circuit fault thresholdAbove 18kΩ
Sounder current limit (maximum)1.6A
Sounder circuit fuses20mm x 5mm 1.6A Quick Blow
Clean contact output details1 Single pole changeover rated for 2A maximum at 24V dc ( non inductive )
1 Single pole changeover rated for 5A maximum at 230V ac ( non inductive )
Weight245g ( including din rail housing, no backbox, 4 way build )
LED IndicatorUse only high brightness LED (Protec stock code: NK 02-676-46)

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