• 6000-MICCO
  • 6000 Monitored Input/Output Fire Alarm Interface

6000 Monitored Input/Output Fire Alarm Interface

Part No. 6000/MICCO
  • Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 Protocol
  • Loop Powered
  • Monitored Input Interface
  • Clean Contact Output Interface
  • Integral Short Circuit Isolator
  • Optional Delayed Input Mode
  • Optional Non Latching Alarm Mode

Product Details

The Protec 6000 series MICCO is a loop powered fault monitored input and a volt free clean contact output interface. An on board isolator is provided which protects against loop short circuits on either the incoming or outgoing loop connections.

Under normal circumstances the input is terminated with an End of Line resistor. If the correct value of resistance is placed across the monitored input, theMICCO will activate the associated 6000 control panel within 3 seconds. A PCB link may be removed which will delay a sustained activation by 14 seconds, designed for use when interfacing to sprinkler systems. The input is fully monitored for open and short circuit wiring faults.

Environment-10°C to +50°C (95% R.H. non condensing)
Ingress ProtectionIP41
Weight (excluding base)109g
Loop PoweredYes
Loop Standby Load0.55mA (Average), 2mA (Peak)
Loop Alarm Load2.2mA (Average), 5mA (Peak)
Loop Voltage16 – 28V
InputsInput monitored for short / open circuit fault and alarm
OutputsSingle pole changeover rated for 5A maximum at 230V AC (non inductive)
Dimensions (mm)86.7(H) x 147.3(W) x 10(D)
Device ProtocolAlgo-Tec™ 6000PLUS
Relevant StandardEN-17 & 18, CE Marked

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