• 6400 - 6500 Panel Upgrade
  • 6400 - 6500 Panel Upgrade

6400 - 6500 Panel Upgrade

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  • Backwards compatible with existing field wiring
  • Backwards compatible with existing panel enclosure
  • Backwards compatible with existing Protec 6000 loop devices
  • Auto 6400 site data conversion to new 6500 format
  • Latest digital hardware and software technology
  • Forward compatibility with new Protec Digital protocol
  • Latest BS5839 & EN54 compliant
  • Discount for current maintenance clients
  • Extended 5 Year Parts Warranty*
  • Protec Cloud Preparation*

Product Details

The Protec 6400 fire detection control panels utilise technology that exceeds 20+ years old, which has now unfortunately become obsolete. Together with the changes in design standards BS5839 and EN54 regulations, Protec has carefully designed and engineered their new range of panels to support existing systems.

As you will appreciate, technology has moved forward with older electronic components becoming increasingly challenging to obtain and in numerous cases, component manufacturers no longer supporting the products. Protec Fire Detection plc will continue to provide either a “service replacement” or “repair service” to existing service clients where possible. However several of the components, which are supplied to Protec to build the 6300 circuit boards, have now become obsolete, resulting in service stocks becoming limited.

In view of the above, Protec have ensured that our latest generation of Digital Algo-Tec™ Addressable fire detection products 6500 are fully “backwards compatible” and can be retrofitted into existing 6300 panel housing. This backwards compatibility will ensure that only the internal gear tray and door assembly containing the circuit boards are upgraded, with all the existing loop wiring and devices (sensors, interfaces, sounders, shutdowns) being fully supported except the 6300 Loop LCD. The 6300 data file can be imported into a 6500 to ensure the exchange is seamless.

Our ability to retrofit the latest control panel technology into existing 6300 panels, will ensure that in the event of any difficulties in obtaining or repairing 6300 circuit boards, the existing fire detection system can easily be retained without the need for expensive full system upgrades or the inevitable damage to building structures and finishes.

Power Supplies – If an external S9000 charger is fitted it may still be used as long as it is suitable for the required loadings and batteries.

Secure Networks – The 6500 will not work on 6400 secure networks. If multiple 6400 Panels are networked the 6500 would only be able to communicate to 6400 panels through interfaces for fire and fault signals. Alternatively all 6400 nodes can be upgraded to 6500.

5400 Nodes – Any nodes running 5000 protocol will require devices exchanging to 6000 protocol.

Network LCD Repeater – Any network LCD repeater Panel would require replacing with latest 6000/LOOP/REPEATER fitted onto a local loop.

RS232 Equipment – Support for existing Hercules and Pager systems.

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