• Gas 640 Gas Detector
  • GAS 640/80

GAS 640/80

Part No. Various
  • 1 to 64 addressable sensors
  • 1-16 direct 4~20 mA sensors
  • 1-8 plug in direct catalytic mV sensor modules
  • Network up to 16 controllers enabling up to 1024 addressable sensors + direct sensors

Product Details

The GAS 640 range of multi-channel control systems offers an incredibly versatile approach whilst ensuring a reliable safety system across all industries and applications. It has the capacity to monitor up to 64 addressable and 16 direct sensors, 8 of which can be converted to accept mV catalytic sensors. Larger system requirements can also be met with over 1000 addressable sensors, possibly through a networked GAS 640 solution.

Designed to take the user experience to the next level, the GAS 640 can be installed in all customer environments with configurations available as a wall-mounted unit, 19’’ rack system, panel and din rail mount.

GAS 640 features a vast range of optional equipment, including GAS 640 software, enabling full data logging facilities with system management and providing real-time views showing sensor locations, alarm status, and actual gas values.

Designed to operate across multiple industries and applications, the unique system architecture offers flexibility with up to six different control panel options. The intuitive user interface sees parameters set via the front panel or alternatively via PC, and detectors supplied pre-calibrated. GAS 640 can be customised to meet your specific requirements without the need for extensive cabling, providing a comprehensive, highly configurable safety system.

Sensors1-64 addressable
4 wire
16 direct 4~20mA – 3 wire
1~8 optional mV
bridge inputs
3 wire
MeasurementsCombustible Gas – L.E.L, % Vol.
Toxic Gas – ppm
Oxygen – % Vol. – Depletion / Enrichment
Refrigerant – ppm
Any 4~20mA Transmitter
Sensor TypesCatalytic, Electrochemical, Infrared, PID, Semiconductor
Control Panels AvailableWall Mount Unit , 19’’ Rack System
8 User Selectable Relays
Optional: 4~20mA / Up to 64 Relays
RelaysGlobal relay S.P.C.O – Inhibit relay S.P.C.O
8 user selectable relays
Type: 2 D.P.C.O/6 S.P.C.O rated @ 5A-230v AC
Relay Modes: NE/ND Delay
Power230/115v AC or 24v DC ± 15%Control unit 7.5w quiescent 17w full alarm Sensor – 1.25w
Internal power supply 20 sensors max
Panel IndicationDot matrix LCD 4 line 40 character-indicates sensor location, gas type, alarm status, system fault, sensor line fault, sensor fault, inhibit, real time clock, event memory
Red LED – global alarm
Amber LED – global fault
Amber LED – inhibit
Audible AlarmAlarm / Fault – Permanent Mute Option
68dB @ 1m
Digital CommunicationsRS232 Data Log / Event Log
RS485 x 2 – MODbu
Event LoggingGAS 640 Soft – Full data logging management tool
Individual sensor logging – 1-60 min storage readings
Data Link – Remote logging
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature+5°C to +55°C
Humidity0-95 non condensing
Ingress ProtectionIP52 *IP65 available with over housing*
Dimensions315W x 265H x 95D
EnclosureAsh Grey BSA02, Mild Steel Powder Coat
StandardsEMC BS EN 50270 Low Voltage BS EN 61010-1

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