• Pro-Sounder-Digital-Audio-System
  • Pro-Sound Digital Audio System

Pro-Sound Digital Audio System

Part No. Various
  • Pro-Sound Quality IP Voice Alarm Router
  • Advanced Energy Management Functions
  • Powerful DSP Audio Functions
  • Large DVA Storage
  • 12 Analogue Audio Inputs and 12 outputs
  • EN54-16 compliant

Product Details

The VIPEDIA-12 is a Pro-Sound quality IP Voice Alarm Audio Router, which provides 12 analogue audio inputs and 12 outputs, together with multiple Ethernet IP ports and Intellevac safety audio networking.

The VIPEDIA allows for routing of any combination of its audio inputs to any combination of the 12 outputs, while up to four VIPEDIA routers can be linked by the high speed Digital BackBone (DBB) bus to provide simultaneous routing from any or all of their inputs to their outputs in a 48 by 48 matrix. Built in IP networking enables the VIPEDIA to offer audio routing and control over IP, extending the system’s audio matrix across the IP Network. The IP networking can use existing site IP infrastructure or can be constructed as a standalone Cat5 or fibre ring. Connecting pairs of VIPEDIAs at each PA Node enables full dual redundant synchronised ‘A’ and ‘B’ VA systems to be constructed.

The front panel display and keys provide all EN54-16 mandatory indicators and controls, together with basic setup, and built in debug and fault reporting information.

The VIPEDIA’s advanced energy management functions include automatically powering down unused functions, such as removing power from paging microphones during out of hours periods. Two of the microphone inputs have hardware bypass capability to provide continued emergency operation
even if the VIPEDIA DSP CPU has failed, and these inputs are also compatible with Intellevac hardware bypass safety networks.

The full analogue and digital audio signal path is of Pro-Sound quality, enabling the VIPEDIA to meet very high quality audio requirements, and Pro-Sound IP networking is provided by means of an Audinate DanteTM interface module, which can be fitted as an addition to the standard
VIPA PMC VoIP protocol.

The VIPEDIA-12’s standard DSP engine provides powerful audio functions, including dynamic input processing and individually adjustable digital output delay and parametric equalisation, while the optional MIX-DSP module adds channel mixing functions.

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