• EMS01-All-call-emergency-microphone
  • EMS01 - All Call Emergency Microphone

EMS01 - All Call Emergency Microphone

Part No. Various
  • Wall Mount Fist Microphone
  • EN54 Compliant Indicators and Controls
  • EN54 Fault List Display
  • Speech Level ‘VU’ Bargraph
  • Fully Monitored
  • Hardware Bypass Fallback Operation
  • Dual Redundant Outputs for A & B Routers
  • Additional Voice over IP Interface, with PoE RJ45 Ethernet Port (With IP License)

Product Details

The EMS01 Emergency Microphone Station is an EN54 compatible emergency microphone which provides All-Call functionality for making live emergency announcements to entire facilities. The microphone provides EN54 compliant emergency functions and all EN54 mandatory indicators and controls.

The microphone is housed in a lockable wall-mounting box and features a graphic LCD display together with indicators for ‘Power’, ‘Voice Alarm’, ‘System Fault’,
‘Fault’ and ‘Speak Now’. The LCD display provides remote access to the list of active faults in the PA/VA system, while the EN54 mandated control keys enable navigation through the fault list, and also provide remote fault acceptance and clearance.

The EMS01 has multiple PA/VA system interfaces. It can be connected directly to either one or two of our audio routers, enabling multiple options for system redundancy. The EMS01 will operate in an All-Call hardware bypass safety mode even in the event of processor failure within the host Voice Alarm Router.

There is also a licensed non-EN54 RJ45 Ethernet IP interface with Power over Ethernet capability for VoIP connections to our IP based PA/VA systems. All interconnect cabling and the microphone capsule is continuously monitored foropen and shortcircuits.

Top, bottom and rear cable entry points are provided by means of ‘knock-outs’ in the enclosure, while the field connections are provided by means of a set of terminals on the inside rear panel of the back box.

The EMS01 is compatible with our whole range of Voice Alarm and Public Address systems, and is designed to comply with EN54-16, ISO 7240-16 and BS5839-8. Versions with multiple PA/VA zone select buttons are also available for applications which require this.


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