• MPS01-Paging-and-Emergency-Microphone
  • MPS01 Paging and Emergency Microphone

MPS01 Paging and Emergency Microphone

Part No. Various
  • EN54 Compliant Indicators and Controls
  • Live, Store-and-Forward, and Recorded Message Broadcasts
  • Silent ‘No-Click’ PTT Button
  • Speech Level ‘VU’ Bargraph
  • PA Zone Selection on Graphic LCD Display
  • Loudspeaker with PA Zone Listen-In Function.
  • Background Music Input and Control.
  • Fully Monitored, with EN54 Fault List Display.
  • Wall Mount, Headset and Fist Microphone Options.
  • Dual Redundant Audio Outputs for A & B Routers plus Hardware Bypass Fallback.

Product Details

The MPS01 Modular Paging and Emergency Microphone is a powerful and flexible paging microphone which can provide live, store-and-forward, and recorded message broadcast into user selected zones, and also provides EN54 compliant emergency functions and all EN54 mandatory indicators and controls.

The unit consists of a sloping desk console with a flexible gooseneck paging microphone, graphic LCD display, silent operation ‘Touch to Talk’ touch pad PTT button, and a rotary selector touch control. PA zone selection is provided using the rotary selector and graphic LCD display. There is also a VU bargraph which displays the microphone signal level.

The MPS01 has multiple PA/VA system interfaces. It can be connected directly to either one or two audio routers, enabling multiple options for providing system redundancy. The MPS01 will also operate in an All-Call hardware bypass mode in the event of processor failure within a host Voice Alarm router. All interconnect cabling and the microphone capsule is continuously monitored for open and short circuits.

As well as the main microphone gooseneck, there are 3.5mm jack plug connections for an auxiliary audio input, such as for background music, and for connection of a microphone headset. A general purpose local contact input and output enables use with PTT foot switches
and external speak now indicators.

The unit can be fitted with a uSD card to hold user recorded or pre-recorded audio messages, and custom user chimes, and can be used to replay these messages over the PA system. A speaker is provided on the underside of the console, and this enables preview of the locally stored DVA messages, and also enables remote PA zones to be listened to.

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