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624UEM Electro Magnetic Door Closer

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624UEM Electro Magnetic Door Closer
  • Automatic Door Closer

  • Hold Open and Swing Free

  • Aluminium Construction

  • Door Speed Adjustment

  • Latching Speed Adjustment

  • High Quality Aluminium Finish


Product not currently available for purchase online.

The 624UEM door closer has been designed to satisfy the specifier who is looking for a multi-use Electronic Closer incorporating Swing Free and Hold Open in one unit. When fitted in Swing Free mode the door operates as if no hydraulic door closer is fitted, until such times as the Fire Alarm or other hazard warnings are activated, at which time the door automatically closes to prevent the spread of fire. This is ideal for use in care homes, hospitals, clinics, municipal buildings, schools, colleges, libraries, museums, theatres, pubs, clubs and hotels.

The 624UEM is constructed from aluminium within which a hardened steel rack and pinion mechanism operates completely immersed in high quality thermo-static hydraulic oil, thus ensuring many years of maintenance free operation and are available in our unique range of covers. An extensive range of painted finishes to RAL standard is available to match most architectural ironmongery colours. All arms are supplied black as standard but are available in plated or painted finishes as required.

Swing Free

This function can be selected on the armset and when the Power supply is energised, allows the door to Swing-free as if no door closer were fitted. In the event of the Power Supply being interrupted whether manually or alarm activated the door will close from any position.

Hold Open

When a power supply of 24V dc is connected to the door closer and the door is opened beyond 75º up to it’s maximum, hold open mechanism will be engaged in the event of the electricity supply being interrupted whether manually or alarm activated, the door will close from any position.

The 624UEM door closer is supplied complete with adjustable arms and necessary brackets and screw packs to suit the following applications: Regular arm, parallel arm and transom mounting as standard, and are suitable for both left and right hand opening. 

The 624UEM door closer can also be fitted with a Slide arm if required. 

This door closer enables door to opening up to 180º and is fitted with the following as standard:

  • Door Speed Adjustment
  • Latching Speed Adjustment
Regular Arm Configuration


Closing Force to EN 1154

Max Width

Door Mass (kg)

Hold Open & Swing Free




Power Requirements - 24V dc 2 watts 

Order Code - 67-229-77


PFSR Power Supplies
Protec have designed a range of PFSR - 24V dc unregulated power supplies, to power and control electro-magnetic door retainer devices. Housed in a sheet steel enclosure with 20mm cable entries, finished in black epoxy powder coating.
Battery Variants

Order Codes

Recommended number of retainer units @ 100mA each

Max Current


1 - 4



4 - 10



10 - 30


Dimensions (mm)

230 x 158 x 88


IMPORTANT - Power for ancillary devices must not be drawn from the alarm system except under alarm conditions (BS 5839 Part 1). Therefore door controls require a separate power supply.


Dimensions (mm)

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