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6000/2APZA Auxiliary Powered Dual Zone Alarm Interface


  • 2 x Monitored Detection Zones
  • 2 x Monitored Alarm Outputs
  • Auxiliary 24vDC Powered
  • DIN Rail Mounted
  • Integral Short Circuit Isolator
  • Protec Algo-Tec 6000 Protocol
Product not currently available for purchase online.

The Protec 2 way auxiliary powered zone alarm interface is an auxiliary powered input / output device providing 2 local zones of conventional detectors and 2 local monitored alarm outputs.

Loop protocol

Protec Algo-tec™ 6000 MX1

Loop isolator fitted

Yes, on board (consult Protec DEL2110 for details)

Loop voltage range

18 to 28V peak loop

Number of loop addresses used

2 maximum, user and build configurable

24V Auxiliary input voltage range

18 to 28V dc

Environmental operational limits

-10 to 50ºC (maximum 95% RH no condensation or icing)

Loop quiescent current (24V loop peak)


Loop alarm current (average)


Zone short circuit current (24V)

26mA peak ± 2mA

Zone end of line requirements (I/P 1 & I/P 2)

Resistive - 8.2k ±5% ¼W, Capacitive - 100μ F ±20% in series with 22Ω ±5% ¼W

Input cabling requirements

Maximum cable resistance 6Ω per conductor
Maximum cable capacitance 0.2μ F between cable conductors

Zone quiescent current

500μ A maximum ( 10 Protec 3000 detectors per zone )

Zone reset time

2 seconds, with active zone discharge

Manual Call Point requirements

Must be fitted with a series 330Ω or 180Ω resistor

Zone short circuit threshold

Below 5% of supply voltage

Zone fire threshold

Below 70% of supply voltage

Zone resistive open circuit threshold

Above 92% of supply voltage

Sounders supported

Protec 3000 series

Sounder circuit end of line

10kΩ ¼W ±5%

Sounder circuit cable requirements

Maximum cable resistance depends on Volt drop calculations
Maximum cable capacitance 0.1μ F between cable conductors

Sounder short circuit fault threshold

Below 2kΩ

Sounder open circuit fault threshold

Above 18kΩ

Sounder current limit (maximum)


Sounder circuit fuses

20mm x 5mm 1.6A Quick Blow


245g ( including din rail housing, no backbox, 4 way build )

LED Indicator

Use only high brightness LED (Protec stock code: NK 02-676-46)


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