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6500 Fire Alarm Control Panel

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6500 Panel


  • Open Protocol
  The 6500 Commissioning software, User and Commissioning manuals are available to download from our website
  • Secure Local Network
Up to 6 (NET6) or 64 (NET64) Algo-Tec™ 6500 control panels, repeaters and illuminated zonal mimics can be interconnected in a loop configuration to create a secure local network.
NET6 - Local NET6 network card allows up to 6 panels to be networked.
NET64 - Local NET64 network card allows up to 64 panels to be networked.
  • Enhanced Performance
The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000PLUS sensors learn from their environment, applying interactive decision making algorithms to provide stability, threshold compensation and optimised performance.


Product not currently available for purchase online.

The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6500 is a high specification, feature rich, economical, interactive digital addressable fire detection and alarm system ideally suited for small, medium and large sized buildings and sites. The control panel is designed and manufactured by Protec and complies to the latest EN54-2 & EN54-4. The control panel is available for surface or recess mounting with an aesthetically pleasing moulded polycarbonate hinged door finished in storm grey.

Scalable in every aspect, the 6500 system offers tailor made engineered solutions for all applications, from single panel systems to large multi panel networks. Modular design backed by powerful cause and effect programming enables 6500 systems to be configured exactly to the needs of any commercial or industrial site.

Secure Network - The innovative redundant peer to peer network is a high speed data transfer, fail safe, fault tolerant communication channel allowing up to 64 Algo-Tec™ 6500 Fire alarm panels to operate as though they are a single distributed fire system and complies with BS5839-1. No single network fault can disable the system and in the event of multiple faults, each panel will function independently. The network can be wired using copper or fibre optic connections.

Loops - Each 6500 control panel is equipped with 1, 2 or 4 high capacity Algo-Tec™ 6000PLUS digital addressable data loops, with up to 200 addresses per loop, totalling 800 addressable devices per panel, 51,200 addressable devices network wide and compliant with EN54 pt2 clause 13.7.




Rated Voltage

230Vac + 10% - 15% (50/60Hz)

Working Voltage

21.5 - 30Vdc

Temperature Range

-10° to +55° C


5% to 95% RH (no condensation, or icing)

IP Rating


Standby Load

185mA (2 loop)
226mA (4 loop)¹

215mA (2 loop)
256mA (4 loop)¹

Alarm Load

220mA (2 loop)
261mA (4 loop)²

250mA (2 loop)
291mA (4 loop)²

Display Type

Full colour, 7” touch screen graphical display

Number of Loops

1, 2 or 4

Max Number of Addressable Devices Per Loop


Total Loop Load

1A per loop including all loop connected devices



Internal / Remote Charger

Both (Internal or External Charger)

Maximum Battery Capacity

Internal charger: 2 x 12V 12Ah

Number of Zones


100 expandable to 10,000

Number of Input Groups


Number of Output Groups

255 per panel

Auxiliary Fire Relay



Auxiliary Fault Relay



Monitored Fire Routing Equipment Output



Monitored Fire Protection Equipment Output

None dedicated but a programmable alarm output may be configured for this function

Monitored Fault Routing Equipment Output

None dedicated but a programmable alarm output may be configured for this function

Monitored Programmable Alarm Outputs



Auxiliary 24 Volt Output



Programmable Clean Contact Outputs



Number of Keyswitch Input(s)

6 (3 terminal board & 3 display board)

Secure Local Network NET6



Secure Local Network NET64



Secure Bridging Network



Communication Port(s)

USB (for commissioning use only) / RS232 / Ethernet


440(W) x 385(H) x 144(D)

Weight (Excluding Batteries)



Device, Alarm, Loop & Panel Text

60 characters device location text, 20 characters device alarm text, 20 characters panel text, 20 characters device loop text

¹ Measured on the internal power connector at 24V dc, power fault LED on, buzzer on, fault relay deactivated, screen backlight dimmed.

² Measured on the internal power connector at 24V dc, power fault LED on, buzzer on, fault relay deactivated, general fire LED on, one fire routing output active, one fire contact active.

Features and Benefits  (Continued from above)


  • Design Flexibility

Scalable, the 6500 system offers tailor made engineered solutions for all applications, from single panel systems (6500E) to large multi panel networks.

  • Easy to Install

An extensive range comprising Loop Powered Alarm Sounders, Loop Powered Talking Sounders, Visual Alarm Devices, Interfaces, Manual Call Points and Multi Criteria Sensors can all be connected to the nearest control panel using a single 2-core cable for each of the high capacity Loops (up to 4 loops), accommodating up to 200 devices per Loop, 800 maximum per panel, 51,200 addressable devices network wide.

  • Easy to Address

FAST™ (Firmware Addressed Secure Technology) ELIMINATES troublesome and time consuming setting of address cards and DIL switches.

  • Devices Display Address Number

‘RVAV’ Remote Visual Address Verification. Confirmation of the correct location of each device can be easily identified, using the devices in-built LED to indicate the device address number.

  • On Site Flexibility

Configuration of all system functions is fully site programmable.

  • RS232 & Ethernet Ports

Typically used to connect to a colour graphics system, pager system or BMS interface.

  • True System Management

As each device incorporates a unique Fast serial number encoded during manufacture, TRUE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT is achievable, providing precise DEVICE history in addition to LOCATION history for a specific site system and total traceability of all devices manufactured from our commissioning files for quality management, using optional PC package.

  • Approved to the latest EN54 2 & 4 supporting 800 devices

(in compliance with Clause 13-7 of EN54 pt2).



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