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9000/BC3 Power Supplies

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9000/BC3 Power Supplies
  • Self Contained Supply

  • Deep Discharge Battery Protection

  • Lightweight & Efficient Unit

  • Switch Mode Technology

  • Power Factor Corrected

  • Designed to Power Protec Range of

  • Control Panels

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The Protec 9000/BC3 power supply is a self-contained supply designed to provide 24V dc and charge associated batteries simultaneously. The charger uses power factor correction to ensure a near-unity power factor, and switch-mode technology to provide a lightweight and efficient unit.

The design of the charger is such that mains must first be applied to the unit before the batteries will be capable of supplying the load. As such, if batteries only are connected to the charger, there will be no output at the load terminals until the mains is applied. The 9000/BC3 power supply is also compatible with th Protec range of fire alarm control panels and EVC40 disabled refuge/fire telephone system.

Mains Input Voltage

230V ac nomial +/- 10%

Mains Input Current

0.5A maximum, fused at 1A (anti-surge)

Load Outputs

2 seperate outputs, fused at 3.15A each

Maximum Quiescent Load (Imax a)

10Ah batteries - 2A. 18Ah batteries - 1.5A. 24Ah batteries - 1A

Maximum Alarm Load (Imax b)


Output Voltage

25 - 29V dc with mains present, bettery voltage when mains failed

Output Ripple

1V maximum peak to peak at full output load

Battery Charge Voltage

27.3V dc at 20ºC, temperature compensated at -40 mV/ºC fused at 5A

Maximum Battery Internal Resistance

1 ohm

Battery Fault Levels

Undervoltage - 22V dc (fault relay operates), Overvoltage - 28.5V dc (fault relay operates)

Battery Low Voltage Cutoff

18.5V dc (load removed from batteries)

Battery Monitoring

Complaint with EN54 Part 4

Current Consumption From Batteries

8mA maximum 30 seconds after mains failure, 0.5mA maximum when low volt disconnect active


0-50ºC ambient (90% R.H non-condensing)

Fault Output

Changeover contacts rated at 5A 30V dc (non-inductive)


Up to 24V 24Ah sealed lead acid (limited by 24 hour recharge to 85% capacity)



Current Protective Devices
  • Current protective device within local isolator rated at 3A

  • Current protective device within distribution 230V board 6A Type B


Battery Variants

Battery Life


Enclosure Dimensions (mm)


5 year


440(w) x 385(H) x 144(D)

4 x 6V 10Ah Batteries

5 Year


440(w) x 385(H) x 144(D)

2 x 12V 18Ah Batteries

5 Year 


440(w) x 385(H) x 220(D)

2 x 12V 26Ah Batteries




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