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9100EN 1 Amp Power Supply

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  • High Efficiency (Reduces Power Bills and Carbon Footprint)
  • High reliability
  • Cost effective switch mode technology
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Monitoring
  • Deep Discharge Protection
  • Remote Fault Monitoring
  • Full Rated Load Plus Additional Current for battery charging
  • Approved to the Latest EN54 Part 4 Requirements
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The Protec 9100EN 1A/ 24 volts switch mode power supply has been designed for use in building fire systems and access control applications. This power supply is fully compliant and approved to the latest EN54 Part 4.

The 9100EN includes intelligent battery charging, mains and battery monitoring with a volt free relay contact fault output for remote monitoring.

The 9100EN output features electronic short circuit protection under both mains and standby battery operation.

Maximum battery life is assured through continuous active battery monitoring and the use of an intelligent charger with temperature compensated final float phase depending upon battery condition.

Deep discharge protection prevents premature battery failure when operating from standby for extended periods.

The inclusion of LED status indicators provides quick diagnostics to the user and/ or engineer.

The 9100EN power supply is capable of charging a battery up to 2 x 12V 3.3Ah capacity.

Rated Voltage

85 - 264V ac rms

Rated Frequency

50 to 60 Hz

Rated Current

600mA rms

Max Inrush Current

20A at 240V from cold

Max Quiescent Load, Imax_a

750mA (batteries charging)

Max Alarm Load, Imax_b

1A (batteries not charging)

Minimum Load, Imun, panel only


Current taken from the standby batteries during mains fail

Less than 150µA ( 9100EN is turnde off )


Designed to meet IP30

Ambient Temperature Limits

-5 to 50°C

Humidity Limits

90% (non-condensation or icing)

Mains Input Fuse (FS1)

1.6A time delay (not user or engineer replaceable)

Battery Type

2 x 12V 2.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid (connected in series)

Dimensions: 66 x 134 x 67mm ±1mm

Battery Protection

1.6A Self resetting 'fuse'

Output Voltage Range

24 - 29V dc with mains present, 17 - 29V dc on batteries

Output Ripple Voltage

400mV maximum (peak to peak) at full output load

Battery Charge Voltage

27.3V at 20°C. Temperature compensated at - 40mV °C. Protected by 1.6A self resetting thermal fuse.

Battery Charge Current

250mA (± 25mA)

Battery Over Voltage Fault Level

28.5V dc (nominal)

Battery Under Voltage Fault Level

22V dc (nominal)

Battery Low Voltage Cut-off Level

18.5V dc Battery Voltage (outputs turn off)

Battery Monitoring

Charger dip, battery load and internal impedance

Maximum Battery Resistance (Ri)

2Ω (battery internal resistance + lead and connection resistances)

Fault Relay Contact

Maximum rating of 1A at 24V DC (resistive load)


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