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  • Suitable for occupied areas
  • Discharge time: 10 seconds
  • No residue to clean up after discharge
  • Widely accepted as substitute to Halon 1301
  • Compliance with standards BS EN 15004 (2008) and NFPA 2001
  • Suitable for storage in welded high-pressure cylinders, saving space and money
  • Electrically non – conductive


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FM200 suppression systems are a clean gas widely accepted as substitute to Halon. FM200 or heptafluoropropane (CF3CHFCF3), is suitable for the protection of most hazards where Halon 1301 had to be applied in the past. As FM200 is not electrical conductive, (but it is odourless and colourless), it is effective in the protection of electrical hazards, such as computer rooms. Furthermore, it is suitable for class A fires (fires including solid materials) as well as for class B fires (flammable liquids).

FM200 suppresses a fire mainly by physical means, weakening and suppressing the fire by absorbing heat. Once discharged, FM200 suppresses the fire quickly reducing to a minimum damages to property and valuable equipment, likewise ensuring total safety to persons.

Typical Applications
  • Control/ Data Rooms
  • Archives
  • Stores
  • Cable ducts
  • Engine rooms
  • Flammable liquids

Chemical name


Chemical formula


Molecular weight


Boiling point at 1.013 bar

 -16.40 C

Design Concentration Class A


Design Concentration Higher Hazard Class A






Greenhouse effect potential



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