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Established in 1968, Protec Fire Detection was introduced to the Australian and New Zealand Fire markets in 2014 with the sole purpose of establishing our complete range of industry-leading Advanced Fire Detection Technologies in the Australasia Region.

Our Advanced Fire Detection Products are all approved to Australian Standards following the stringent requirements of the JAS-ANS Accreditation Scheme, allowing our customers to be safe in the knowledge that our products and production processes meet the highest standards.

Supported by a Regional Distribution Network that can supply product and technical support to their local market, Protec ANZ can be truly trusted all over the region. Please follow the link for details of our Distribution Partners.

Our Offering

Using Protec’s decades of experience in the global fire market, we provide various services that help streamline the supply of Protec systems in Australia and New Zealand. Our sales team, partnered with our national distributor network, is dedicated to providing you with all the support, information and training you need to prepare your tender and meet your product requirements. Our products guarantee the highest level of life and property protection against fire, ensuring your project is safeguarded.

  • Smoke detector
    Product Manufacture

    We operate a purpose-built manufacturing complex in the UK where we produce our high-quality products. Our manufacturing process is conducted in a controlled environment featuring advanced surface-mount electronic component placement lines. In addition, we have an in-house testing facility where our products undergo strict testing criteria to ensure their long and reliable lifespan.

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels

    Protec manufactures digital addressable and conventional fire alarm solutions specifically designed for the Australian and New Zealand life safety markets, meeting all local market compliance requirements whilst offering a user-friendly, fully open protocol approach to fire detection.

  • Automatic Point Detection

    We provide affordable solutions for automatic point detection in buildings, with a range of both conventional detectors and addressable sensors. Our 6000PLUS fire alarm protocol is an intelligent solution using our proprietary software, Algo-Tec™, which employs bespoke algorithms to reduce false alarms.

  • Aspirating Detection

    With one of the widest ranges of aspirating fire and smoke detection, the Protec aspirating detection units use traditional scatter chamber detection technology and our state-of-the-art cloud chamber detection methods. With Aspirating Detection now used in many applications within the Industry, Protec can provide the broadest range of Fire and smoke detection capabilities to suit the client’s needs.

  • Forklift trucks
    Product Supply

    Understanding the importance of the supply chain, we have distribution facilities in Melbourne and Sydney, which are also supported by our national network of distributors. Protec is committed to being able to deliver when it matters to our clients.

  • Support
    Demonstration and Training

    Our sales team believes having the necessary knowledge is crucial to maintaining a safe and compliant system. That is why we provide comprehensive training and guidance on our systems. This ensures you have complete confidence in our life safety solutions to safeguard your project and its occupants.

Protec offers advanced fire detection systems with sophisticated design and enhanced functionality, providing greater control and flexibility at your fingertips. These systems ensure efficient and safe evacuation of premises. Whether upgrading an existing system or designing a new one from scratch, Protec has all the equipment and expertise you need.

Download IconProtec ANZ Product Brochure

Our range of addressable fire alarm systems is designed to provide users with a simple and informative experience. Programming and operation are made easy through our intuitive and easy-to-navigate menus. The fully open protocol nature of our systems ensures that they can be installed and maintained by anyone. Whether you’re working on a small project or a more significant site, we have the right solution for you. Our 6100 single-loop control panel is perfect for small projects, while our 6500 offers large multi-loop, multi-panel networks for much larger sites. With these offerings, Protec is the ideal fire detection solution for any application.

Product Information
Download Icon6500Multi-Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Download Icon6100Single loop Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Download Icon19” Enclosure Options19-Inch Rack Enclosure Options
Download Icon6000/FCUAddressable Fan Control Unit

At Protec, we offer a complete range of conventional fire detection products, including control panels, fire detectors, sounders, VADs, manual call points, and a diverse range of ancillaries. Our products are designed with safety as the priority, providing all the essentials for a simple, easy-to-use system ideal for any small site building projects.


Product Information
Download Icon3500Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Protec 6000PLUS sensor range is a leader in digital addressable fire detection. Our cutting-edge sensor takes fire safety to the next level by seamlessly integrating our state-of-the-art detection and alarm technologies into one sleek, compact sensor head.

Product Information
Download Icon6000PLUS/OPOptical Smoke Sensor
Download Icon6000PLUS/OP/IOptical Smoke Sensor with Isolator
Download Icon6000PLUS/HTHeat Sensor
Download Icon6000PLUS/OPHTOptical Heat Sensor
Download Icon6000PLUS/OPHT/IOptical Heat Sensor with Isolator
Download Icon6000PLUS/OPHT/VADOptical Heat Sensor with Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6000PLUS/OPHTCOOptical Heat Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Download Icon6000PLUS/OPHTCO/VADOptical Heat Carbon Monoxide Sensor with Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6000PLUS/BASESurface Mount Sensor Base
Download Icon6000PLUS/FFBASEFast Fix Sensor Base
Download Icon6KPAUS/OP/SOptical Smoke Sensor Sounder
Download Icon6KPNZ/HT/TSHeat Sensor Plus Talking Sounder
Download Icon6KPAUS/HT/SVADHeat Sensor Plus Sounder and Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6KPXXX/HT/TSVADHeat Sensor Plus Talking Sounder and Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6KPAUS/OPHT/SOptical Smoke & Heat Sensor Plus Sounder
Download Icon6KPAUS/OPHT/SVADOptical Smoke & Heat Sensor Plus Sounder and Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6KPXXX/OPHT/TSOptical Smoke and Heat Sensor Plus Talking Sounder
Download Icon6KPXXX/OPHT/TSVADOptical Smoke & Heat Sensor Plus Talking Sounder & Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6KPAUS/OPHTCO/SOptical Smoke Heat and CO Sensor Plus Sounder
Download Icon6KPAUS/OPHTCO/SVADOptical Smoke Heat & CO Sensor Plus Sounder and Visual Alarm Device
Download Icon6KPXXX/OPHTCO/TSVADOptical Heat & CO Sensor Plus Talking Sounder & Visual Alarm Device

The Protec range of aspirating detection units uses traditional scatter chamber detection alongside our advanced cloud chamber detection to provide very early warning of smoke and fire. It is highly effective in detecting even the slightest traces of smoke and fire, making it an essential tool for safeguarding high-value properties and assets and challenging environments.

Product Information
Download IconProPoint PLUSAspirating Smoke Detector
Download IconCirrus HYBRIDCirrus HYBRID Aspirating Fire and Smoke Detector
Download IconADRDPAspirating Detector Remote Display Programmer
Download IconInline FilterIn-Line Sampling Pipe Dust Filters
Download IconHeavy Duty FilterHeavy Duty Filter/Condensation Trap
Download IconHIT ClipsHole Identification Tags

Our range of addressable interfaces combines third-party systems with our fire alarm systems. The fully monitored nature of our fire interfaces ensures that the third-party systems, such as Gas, Plant machinery, AOV, etc., will be activated or shut down in an emergency.

Product Information
Download Icon6000/4IOAuxiliary Powered 4-Way Zone Alarm I/O Interface
Download Icon6000/LPZALoop Powered Zone Alarm Interface
Download Icon6000/2LPZALoop Powered Dual Zone Alarm Interface
Download Icon6000/MICCOMonitored Input Clean Contact Output Interface
Download Icon6000/APZAAuxiliary Powered Zone Alarm Interface

Our low-current loop-powered addressable sounders and VADs deliver powerful, direct sound and light output. Combining the intense light of our VAD units with our Talking Sounder variants ensures clear and intelligible synchronized alerts and evacuation messages throughout a building. This enables a prompt and safe evacuation of the site.


Product Information
Download Icon6000/SSR2/AUSAddressable Electronic Sounder
Download IconAustralian / New Zealand Talking Sounder Table

Protec also provides a host of other third-party life safety systems, which include but are not limited to:

  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Bosch AVIOTEC
  • Emergency Warning Systems and Inter-communication Systems
  • Gas Suppression System

For more information on these systems, please get in touch with the Protec ANZ team.

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