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The majority of buildings nowadays require accessibility systems to assist in an emergency scenario. As Protec has spent 50+ years in the life safety industry, it was only natural for Protec to provide fire telephone & disabled refuge systems (also known as Emergency Voice Communication or EVC Systems).

With years of installing both fire telephone & disabled refuge systems, Protec knows the requirements needed by both the British standards and its customers. It has led to Protec’s assistance in the procurement of these life safety systems across multiple projects regardless of size and stature. Through its dedicated sales and design team Protec offer the following of fire telephone & disabled refuge systems:

  • Design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Test and commission
  • Service and maintenance

In addition to the disabled refuge systems, Protec also offers accessible toilet alarms. These systems can be incorporated into our range of fire telephone & disabled refuge system. However, should the project be smaller, then standalone accessible toilet alarm systems are also available through our design and sales team.

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