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Water Mist

Over the past few years the Water mist division has grown in strength with the new innovative systems and products that can be offered both in high and low-pressure Water mist.

We provide a bespoke Water mist system that can be built around most buildings both new or aged including a plethora of system options for various applications such as; dry, pre-action, deluge and wet. These can also integrate with the Protec fire alarm system package that can be built to operate or monitor the systems.

Extensively tested and using the very latest technology, water mist systems are installed in the same way as sprinkler system. The difference is that in operation micron sized water droplets are discharged over a wider surface area. By rapidly converting energy to steam the water mist starves the fire of the oxygen it needs to burn. This not only results in a much faster rate at which the water absorbs the heat, but also minimises the damage cause to the surroundings.

The systems that we offer are designed and installed to Vds CEA 4001, CEN/TS 14972, NFPA & LPCB 12845 Rulings.

In addition to providing Sprinkler Systems we also provide Low Pressure Mist systems. The major difference between a Low-pressure misting system to a conventional sprinkler system is application, pressure and water droplets.

A Low Flow system utilises a compact pump skid unit, with system working pressures of 7 to 16 bar producing droplets of water through engineered discharge nozzles with a speedy effective pipework installation with press-to-fit jointing systems.

The most immediate difference between high pressure and low-pressure misting systems is the droplet size. Low pressure produces tiny droplets whereas this system produces fine Mist. The finer Mist disrupts the fire tetrahedron, displacing oxygen in the air assisting in the extinguishing of fire by water vapour and reducing water damage.

High Pressure systems have working pressures of 70 to 200 bar and provide specialised protection to high risk industrial and commercial fire risks.

High pressure hose reels are on the same basis as the misting systems and will suppress a fire with the water droplets. They can be adapted to either fit on the main misting system or come with their own motor that fits inside the misting hose reel unit. This is its own independent high-pressure pump with adaptable nozzles that will change the spray pattern from Fog to Jet allowing a better throw of the mist.

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