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Open Protocol Options

Protec Open Protocol

Protec provide ‘Open Protocol’ fire detection systems. When ordering a fire detection system from Protec, the client can select how the system is to be managed.

There are three types of Open Protocol available:

  • Protec Open Protocol
  • Protec Client Managed Open Protocol
  • Protec Managed Open Protocol
Protec ‘Open Protocol’ allows:
  • Open access to the entire system via the system access codes and download software. 
  • This option provides the greatest flexibility for installers and maintenance contractors.
  • Client responsible for ensuring correct system operation, system access available to any company with 'Open Protocol'.
Protec ‘Client Managed Open Protocol’ allows:
  • Client Control.
  • Client has ownership of system access codes for use on their systems.
  • Client ‘Responsible Person’ has complete freedom of choice to select a Competent Company to maintain their System.
  • Client approved maintenance company can commission amendments and additions to the system once they have obtained access rights from the client ‘Responsible Person’.
  • Client has flexibility to transfer access rights to another Maintenance Company at any time they choose.
  • Client responsible for ensuring correct system operation, by controlling system access.


As always we respect that the ownership of systems is with the client and we accept that the client has the right to choose a maintainer of their preference. We provide customers (or their nominated maintainer) with access to spare parts, specialist tools, keys, manuals and parts to reconfigure extend or re-programme the system.

Supply of Equipment

  • Direct from Protec Fire Detection plc at agreed rates.

With regard to spare parts we are obviously aware that this is an area where the client may feel vulnerable, particularly with regards to having potential costs out of their control. In this situation we provide cost certainty by providing a schedule of rates for all items and linking these rates to an agreed index to account for inflationary costs year on year.

  • Via Maintenance Provider
  • Via Electrical Wholesaler
  • Via Electrical Contractor
'Protec Managed Open Protocol' allows:

Protec responsible for ensuring correct system operation by controlling system access.

  • Reassurance that full responsibility for correct cause and effect operation rests with Protec.
  • System site files downloaded from site and stored on Protec remote server for emergency access which can form part of the occupier’s disaster recovery plan.
  • All engineers fully trained and regularly working on these systems.
Protec Manufactured Algo-Tec 6000 Equipment
5 Year Extended Warranty Statement

´╗┐To demonstrate confidence in our product, we provide extended warranty on our Protec manufactured Algo-Tec 6000 equipment. When a Protec maintenance contract is in place, we warrant all the Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 equipment we manufacture for 5 years.

If, during a service visit, the Protec Service Engineer suspects any Protec manufactured Algo-Tec™ 6000 devices are not working properly, they will be replaced at no cost to the client. Similarly, during the course of a call out, any suspect devices will be replaced at no cost, with only the normal labour and travelling time charged at standard agreed rates.

If the Client wants labour and travel elements included, we can offer a comprehensive maintenance agreement. 

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