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Fixed Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

Fixed Fire Suppression

The selection of appropriate fire protection measures requires an experienced approach. Protec design systems taking into account specific risk, client and insurers’ needs. The range of possible solutions to any given risk includes the choice of chemical or inert extinguishing agent, pressure relief, extraction, extinguishing release control and early warning detection systems. The design must be verified through approved calculations based on type testing in accordance with the international standards and the requirements of LPC, FM or UL.

Protec can provide solutions to these requirements. The services provided are based on a technical, cost effective and impartial approach and include:

  • Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Fixed Extinguishing Equipment
  • Specialist Extinguishing Systems
  • Chemical & Inert Extinguishing Agents
  • Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
  • Dry Chemical and Particulate Aerosol
  • Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
  • Foam Suppression Systems
  • Incipient Fire and High Sensitivity Smoke Detection Systems
  • Halon Removal and Disposal
  • Room Integrity Testing, Pressure Relief & Extraction
  • Refilling Carbon Dioxide, Chemical & Inert Gases
  • Service & Maintenance of mechanical systems, including stretch testing and optional discharge testing

Protec are LPS1204 approved for the Installation, Commissioning and Servicing of Fixed Gaseous Suppression Systems, including HFC227ea, IG-541, IG55 & Co2, our Certificate No is: CFSI-015

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