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Security - COVID-19 Solutions

Security - Covid-19 Solutions

Help protect your employees and business against the current COVID-19 Pandemic

Protec now offer popular, proven ranges of Thermal temperature screening products. These comprise of fixed cameras and visual monitoring which can be located at your premises strategic entry points providing detection and alert signals to Human resources and management.

Systems operate by a specialist camera detecting excessive temperature on a given surface area greater than 37.8°C. The data is then processed using the latest state of the art software which can show the alarm locally or remotely over the client’s data network. This can also be integrated into existing or new Protec supplied Access Control systems. This includes a range of solutions from Protec which also incorporate Intercom access screening points and face mask detection. This gives peace of mind to management that staff in certain stipulated situations are complying with company Health and Safety procedures and operating measures.

Protec also offer other simple and ‘easy to implement’ solutions to protect your premises and staff by supplying ranges of ‘No touch’ egress buttons. These eliminate the need for numerous staff to come into contact with a common surface push button while moving through their place of work. They detect the presence of a hand and release the door lock without actually making any physical contact. A huge step forward in your duty of care.

Please contact sales@protec.co.uk for free impartial advice and we will tailor the best technical and cost-effective solution for your individual business requirements. All installation and Commissioning work is undertaken by our directly employed NSI screened dedicated technicians to the highest quality standards. This has been demonstrated through many decades of our provision of Security systems.

We look forward to helping you in these challenging times.

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