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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

In view of the current situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we would like to update our customers and supply chain with regard to the Business Continuity Plan we currently have in place. 

Whilst we continue to monitor the developing situation and follow the governments guidelines in respect to the actions companies and individuals should follow, we are also in addition developing and implementing our own plan to both protect individual’s health and provide business continuity.

Clearly the health of our team is paramount to us all and as such we have identified those as being particularly vulnerable within the business and they have now self-isolated.

We have also over the past three weeks been planning and implementing the migration of our office staff to home working. As a result, approximately 90% of our office-based personnel are now working from home. The remaining 10% are continuing to work in the office as our backup team. However, they are able to relocate to home working if and when required, should the circumstance develop such. 

As part of this homeworking policy we have also configured our computers to accommodate virtual telephones so that our office extension numbers are seamlessly transferred to our computers. This working at home policy has further been facilitated by the use of our own Cloud-Based bespoke IT programmes that allow the continuous use of our management and administrative systems.   

Although we have always been conscious of restricting unnecessary meetings and travel we have now put in place a ban on all face to face meetings and the associated travel thereof, that would normally take place as a consequence. That said our field-based engineers continue to operate across the country and will continue to do so until such time that we are instructed otherwise or we deem it necessary to.

Although we are adapting, at times, on a daily basis to the ever-evolving situation I would like to personally say that the effort and teamwork by our staff has been outstanding. I continue to see this extraordinary effort by them not only when dealing with our clients to minimise disruption but equally with each other and our supply chain. 

We have over the past weeks been asked many questions with regard to our ability to provide equipment during these difficult times. As the manufacturer of our product this places us in a fortunate position to not only supply our customers with equipment but also to control and maintain our stock levels within our warehouse. Both of which are continuing to take place and are monitored on a daily basis. As part of this process we are also in close communication with our supply chain for component parts, but that said we always maintain stock levels of these component parts so as to allow us to build and maintain stock of finished equipment for months in advance.

We would like to stress to all of our customers that we do have a Critical Operation Plan in place, as we are more than aware of the importance of maintaining and providing call out cover for life safety systems. So should a full lockdown occur the plan would immediately be introduced to provide emergency cover to our clients via a bespoke reduced team.

In order to support the Governments plans for social distancing and to encourage staff to self-isolate if either they or their family show symptoms, all staff have been instructed to follow the guidelines for which they will receive full pay so as to ensure compliance and reduce the potential spread.

Our current view is that we need to continue as normal as we possibly can. We are however prepared for further escalation of the situation in the UK should this occur. We will continue to communicate with our staff, customers and supply chain and update our policy regularly in line with the Government guidelines and the evolving situation.

Meanwhile we would like to thank you all for both your understanding and support in these unprecedented times.

Peter Doyle
Managing Director
Protec Fire Detection PLC


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