Our Brands

Our Brands

Here at Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional life safety and security systems, innovative products and customer service. Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd carry this out by a series of customer-focused brands worldwide.

  • Camerfield Ltd
  • Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd

    Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd is an amalgamation of electrical and mechanical companies offering the core life safety and security systems which Protec are famous for. The collection of brands delivers exceptional customer-focused systems and services across the construction and engineering industries.

  • Protec Fire Detection PLC

    Protec Fire Detection PLC offers nationwide life safety and security services through four regional offices and our 14,000sqft manufacturing complex. It is one of the UK’s largest industry-leading fire detection manufacturers with experience spanning seven decades in the fire and security industry. Our expertise enables us to provide innovative products and superior services to exceed our client’s ever more demanding expectations.

  • Protec Fire Detection (Export) Ltd

    Protec Fire Detection (Export) Ltd distributes our fire detection systems worldwide. We work with network partners globally to supply Protec manufactured fire alarm systems across 70+ countries on six continents. Protec Fire Detection (Export) Ltd ensures that British-manufactured Protec products are available to anyone no matter which country you reside.

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  • Protec Camerfield Ltd

    Protec Camerfield Ltd is the former energy/sprinkler division of Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd. Protec Camerfield Ltd specialises in the procurement of extinguishant systems such as sprinkler, water mist, gas suppression and more. With 30+ years of experience in the extinguishant industry, Protec Camerfield Ltd operates out of Nelson, Lancashire and Swanley, Kent and offer nationwide supply, installation, and maintenance services.

  • Camerfield Ltd

    Camerfield Ltd is the newly formed mechanical fire suppression division of Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd. Camerfield Ltd are specialist providers in Design, Project Management and Maintenance of all water and gas active fire suppression system. With 30+ years of knowledge in the active fire suppression industry, Camerfield Ltd operates out of Nelson, Lancashire.

  • Gas Alarm Systems

    Gas Alarm Systems is the Gas detection division of Protec Fire and Security Group Ltd. Formed in 1996 Offering market-leading design development, supply and maintenance of gas measurement instruments. Gas Alarm Systems working out of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire is solely dedicated to the design and supply of gas detection systems to ensure the best possible systems are received.

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Over 50 locations worldwide

Trusted all over the world. Protec’s extensive range of fire safety related systems are currently distributed to many countries around the world.