Software & Firmware

It is crucial to have the most up-to-date software and firmware for a fire alarm system to ensure that the life safety system runs correctly and effectively.

As an Open Protocol manufacturer, we provide all the relevant software, technical bulletins, and procedures necessary for a quick and efficient upgrade of our systems and devices.

To assess whether your equipment is up to date or requires an update, we have provided the table below, which lists all the current versions for their associated products.

 Product NameVersionRelease Date
 6100 Fire Alarm Control PanelV1.26August 2021
 6500 Fire Alarm Control PanelP5.2February 2024
HerculesV6_035EDecember 2018
Cirrus HYBRID Aspirating Fire and Smoke DetectorV1.042February 2024
ProPoint PLUS Aspirating Smoke DetectorV1.043February 2024


System integrity should be maintained by ensuring use of upto date software/firmware versions.

Current software/firmware versions are available to download via the Protec Support Portal.