Health, Safety & The Environment

Our commitment to the health, safety and well being of all those engaged in our activities is of paramount importance and is an important part in delivering operational excellence, client satisfaction and pride in all that we do.

Our safety culture aims to provide an environment where all those affected by our operations can influence the attitude and perception of others whose lack of understanding or beliefs give rise to unsafe situations.

We value the contributions made by all its employees and the relationship it holds with clients in recognizing that it is not acceptable that those who work for us, or who are implicated through our activities suffer injury or ill health. It is through developing these relationships that we build and retain our staff and form long term client relationships.

Through continual improvement we strive to enhance our accreditations, safety performance and business opportunities. It is through conscious and efficient management and this interaction with our clients that delivers the success of our business.


Protec recognise that its business activities may have impacts on the environment, be they direct or indirect, adverse or beneficial and as such it is our policy to undertake our business activities in such a manner as to be sensitive to the environment, to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and to prevent pollution to land, water and air.

Regarding the promotion of an environmental strategy as a key element in operating a successful business and that by doing so we can help to reduce environmental impacts from our operations as well as to create opportunities for providing positive benefits to the environment.

Protec has reviewed its activities to identify its Significant Environmental Aspects and has put into place objectives; targets and management programs to ensure these aspects are managed. The monitoring and management of these aspects and impacts will also allow continual improvement in our environmental performance.

Within the scope of demonstrating Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) and the management of our identified significant aspects we are pleased to announce that we have achieved our identified first step towards the company’s objective of becoming Net Carbon Zero.

This is in accordance with DEFRA guidance and the Standard Verified Carbon Standard and can now demonstrate certified Carbon Neutrality.

To ensure we continue to meet our obligations and comply with all other business and ESG requirements we will work closely with all interested parties, such as, our employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and enforcing authorities.

It is our policy to maintain compliance with relevant environmental legislation and all other associated requirements, which remain effective and relevant to its undertakings.

With this in mind we are committed to maintaining our BS EN ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems accreditation so that our competencies can be externally verified.