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Emergency Lighting

Protec has spent 35+ years in the emergency lighting industry. As a company, we provide all the facilities required to offer a full turn-key solution to your emergency lighting needs, such as:

  • System Design
  • System Manufacture
  • System Installation
  • System Test/Commission
  • System Maintenance

With our years of manufacturing experience, we have come to offer a wide range of emergency lighting which systems include:

  • Self-Contained
  • Central Battery
  • Static Inverter
  • Slave Luminaire Systems

In addition to the above types of system, Protec has gone on to develop its own self-test addressable emergency lighting luminaires. These innovative systems give the user full control over their emergency lighting system.

Our years of experience, in addition to our manufacturing capabilities of emergency lighting systems, has made Protec a robust, reliable brand in the emergency lighting industry.

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