Protec fire detection

Our Culture

Over the 50+ years, Protec has been in business, our structure has evolved to accommodate the increasing success we have continued to enjoy, whilst maintaining a very warm and friendly family business feel.

This is achieved by maintaining a very flat communication structure with a strong team culture which encourages all employees to speak out at any level, with ideas and suggestions to improve the experience of colleagues and clients alike.

This allows a more innovative and dynamic culture, ensuring ideas become a reality more quickly, which is reflected directly in the many industry leading products and services we offer. The strong family culture is also positively reflected in the high retention levels of staff, with the knock-on effect to further strengthen the culture throughout the business, as staff are promoted and new staff are brought into the fold.

We have considerable experience in delivering world class buildings. Our delivery teams are carefully selected to suit specific project needs and client philosophy.

We believe our success is due to the culture within our teams. We constantly strive for excellence in everything we do.

Business Strategy

Our Business strategy is based on sound economic values:

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