Product Focus – Cirrus HYBRID

In the fire detection industry, speed is paramount. The sooner you can detect a fire, the sooner you can act on it. Over many years fire detection technology has progressed and adapted to offer the swiftest and most reliable fire detection the world has seen. Property owners now want fast and accurate detection protecting their buildings and the people in them, alongside evacuating a building at the earliest possible stage without fear of emptying a building due to a false alarm. In this Product Focus, we talk about our Cirrus HYBRID and how it fulfils and exceeds the above requirements.

Product Focus Cirrus HYBRID

Simplicity at your Fingertips

The first thing to notice when looking at the Cirrus HYBRID is the 7-inch full-colour LCD. Gone are the days of fiddly buttons and switches and incomes fluid and dynamic touch screen menus. The vivid colour screen improves the user experience. The visual display forms part of the user experience, making it possible to glide around the menus to find all the options and settings you require.


Introducing a large colour touch screen to an aspirating detector enables ease of use, alongside adding helpful engineer videos to the aspirating system menus. It aids engineers in the setup, fault finding and maintenance of the aspirating detector, ensuring that any engineer can use the Cirrus HYBRID unit and not just Protec engineers.


Double the Detection, Double the Protection

Cirrus HYBRID fuses the very best of our aspirating detector technologies to make the ultimate solution to early warning detection. Cirrus HYBRID offers both Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD), utilising Cloud Chamber technology originating from our Cirrus Pro and Cirrus CCD aspirating detectors to detect invisible fire particles. Additional to this, Early Warning Smoke Detection (EWSD) is provided by optical sensors similar to those utilised in our ProPoint Plus aspirating detector to detect visible smoke particles. Cirrus HYBRID boasts the only aspirating detector incorporating these dual technologies, making it the ultimate weapon in detecting fire and smoke conditions.


Defeat False Alarms

Combining the two technologies considerably reduces false alarms as both technologies work independently to detect fire and smoke, however, when it comes to justifying a fire, they work together to verify the fire is real. The double-action technology ensures that fire scenarios are true and not false, removing potential unwanted costs linked to emergency callouts of fire services. Just like the Algo-Tec? – a feature found in our 6000PLUS addressable detection, our aspirating detectors take the same approach by using complex algorithms to determine air quality. They differentiate between smoke and dust, humidity and temperature changes and only raise the alarm when actual fire and smoke particles are present.


Monitor Your System Anywhere

The Cirrus HYBRID comes complete with ethernet technology enabling the detector to link to a building’s IP infrastructure. Which gives remote viewing of your aspirating unit and proves invaluable on large scale sites where aspirating detectors are remote or in hard to access areas.


CCTV Dome Camera


The Cirrus HYBRID can accommodate up to six IP cameras. It proves ingenious when monitoring your systems by offering the ability to visually monitor the area you are detecting without physically attending the room to assess the situation. The feature of adding cameras is another reason why the Cirrus HYBRID detector is a perfect solution for monitoring large scale or remote projects for fire and smoke.


Globally Assured Safety

The quality of your fire detection is only as good as the quality of the system installed. Life safety is something that must not be taken lightly. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we produce, and not only do we meet the industry standards, but we surpass them. We do this by undertaking additional third-party independent testing such as Intertek to ensure that our products are above the industry norm for approvals and tests.

Cirrus HYBRID has completed numerous global and country-specific tests and approvals, including: –

  • EN54 Part 20 – Recognised in Europe
  • CCC – Recognised in China
  • FM Approval – Recognised in North America and Worldwide
  • UL Approval – Currently Pending
  • BSI Benchmark – Recognised in Australia

We also understand that life safety systems might be subject to events outside of everyday activities as part of industry standards. In one case, a client asked if the Cirrus HYBRID would survive seismic activities such as an earthquake. As our Cirrus HYBRID features in many projects around the globe where earthquakes are possible, we wanted to see how it would hold up, and, when put under the seismic tests, it passed with flying colours.


The stringent testing, industry approvals, and accreditations make the Cirrus HYBRID an ideal solution for fire and smoke detection regardless of your country.


Multi-Award Winning

The Cirrus HYBRID is by no means a new product to the market. But what it is, is an exceptional product in the fire detection world. Proven in the fire industry, the Cirrus HYBRID has achieved many awards over the years, such as:

  • Security excellence awards active fire innovation product of the year
  • Gold meal Poznan International Fire Securex for innovation and superior technology
  • Fire India International Innovation 2017
  • Electrical Review & Data Centre Review Fire Safety Product of the Year 2022

The Cirrus HYBRID is an innovative form of detection for fire and smoke and protects many buildings, from data centres to shopping centres. Its very early warning detection ensures notification of fires at the earliest possible stage, ensuring a timely evacuation and swift measures to tackle the outbreak of fire. Contact our sales team today if you are interested in the Cirrus HYBRID or any other forms of our aspirating detection.