Protec 6100 Selected for Medical Rollout

The healthcare sector is a massive industry. It is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing, always looking to improve its products and services. Any ideas that reduce costs or streamline the industry will always be popular among investors, stakeholders, and members of the public. JMP Medical are one of the companies in the health industry which are looking at these improvements. One of the most significant issues facing the healthcare sector is waiting times, and JMP have a solution to help reduce these, and the Protec 6100 is at the forefront of protecting these new solutions. To find out more, read on.

JMP MRI Scanner

JMP medical are a producer of mobile and relocatable medical units. These units house essential diagnostics machines such as X-Rays, CT and MRI Scanners which can be moved around a country from place to help reduce medical diagnostics waiting times. JMP is a polish-based company that reached out to our network partners D+H Polska to find a solution to their fire detection needs.


JMP Portable Medical Unit


The client wanted a cost-effective fire alarm system to protect their portable medical units. The chosen product had to be easy to use, with multilingual options and readily available. D+H Polska offered the Protec 6100 as the solution to JMP’s fire detection requirements.

The Protec 6100 is a small but powerful package. The one-loop fire alarm system is ideal for small properties as it can provide up to 192 addressable fire alarm devices across 32 zones. The 6100 uses the Protec 6000PLUS protocol, which ensures the system is easy to install and maintain. The Algo-Tec software drastically reduces the risk of false alarms.

The protocol benefits from a loop wiring methodology alongside system devices using our FAST commission method means installation and commission are quick and easy. The Open Protocol nature of the 6000PLUS also means that any competent fire alarm company can maintain the system so versatile to any fire alarm company outside of Protec.


Protec 6100 Display


The panel is simple to use as it offers an easy-to-read illuminated LCD. The Protec 6100 comes complete with more than 10 European language possibilities. In addition, it can be supplied with a different panel fascia to suit a host of countries. The multilingual options of the EN54 approved 6100 means that it could protect portable medical units in a host of countries across Europe.

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