• Sampling Pipe & Accessories
  • Sampling Pipe & Accessories
  • Sampling Pipe & Accessories
  • Sampling Pipe & Accessories
  • Sampling Pipe & Accessories

Sampling Pipe & Accessories

Part No. Various
  • Complete range of aspirating system sampling pipe and accessories.
  • Industry Standard 25mm ABS Red, White and Grey colour options available.
  • 3m lengths of standard pipe or 50m lengths of flexible coil pipe.
  • Standard bends, elbows, couplings, unions, tee’s, endcaps, clips etc.
  • Conical, Flush and Discrete capillary sampling point and Test Point kits.
  • Flexible bends and pipe expansion loops.
  • Multi-coloured and multi-sized sampling Hole Identification Tag’s (HIT’s).
  • Sampling pipe filters, condensation traps and purging units.

Product Details

Protec offer an extensive range of sampling pipe and accessories to allow a complete professional and well-engineered aspirating detection system installation. 25mm ABS sampling pipe is offered in red, white and grey colours, together with many complimentary accessories.

Accessories range from standard pipe components such as couplings, bends and tee’s to more application specific components such as filters, colour coded hole identification tags and condensation traps.

Sampling pipe should be suitable for the environment in which it is to be installed. Care should be taken in the selection of sampling pipe with regards to the sampling pipe bore diameters. For further information on the selection of suitable sampling pipes for different applications please see the relevant Protec Design Guide in the aspirating section of Sale Literature page.

General Information

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a homogenous material with good chemical resistance and high impact strength. Other advantageous features are its suitability for use at low temperatures (-40°C) and its ease of jointing.


Protec supplied Aspirating Pipe and Fittings are produced under a strict quality control system approved to EN ISO 9001. Protec supplied Aspirating Products have been Tested by LPCB to EN 54-20 Clause 5.7, EN 61386-1 Class 1131. LPCB Test Report No- TE250773

Individual products are in accordance with the appropriate British Standards.

Fittings (inch) BS 5391 Part 1, EN 1452 Part 3, EN 54-20 Clause 5.7, EN 61386-1 Class 1131

Fittings (Metric) Din 8063, Kiwa 549, ISO 727

Pipe BS 5391 EN 61386-1 Class 1131

Adhesive BS 4346 Part 3


ABS is suitable for use over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.

Technical documents such as Manuals, Software downloads, BIM families, and more are available via our Client / Support Portal. To access, please Sign up or Login to your account.

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