Protec Customer Account Portal

At Protec, we boast exceptional customer service. However, we understand in today’s World, our clients require full access to information and supporting documentation instantly, regardless of the time of day, weekday, or weekend. So, with that in mind, Protec has developed in-house our customer account portal.

Customer Account Portal In Use

What is the Customer Account Portal?

The customer account portal is your quick and straightforward way of tracking your customer account. Through logging into our client support portal. From there, you will have access to your active service contract, which will tell you everything you need to know, such as:

      • Contract details
      • Expiring Contracts
      • KPI reporting
      • PPM scheduled visits
      • Reactive visits
      • Quotations
      • Site documentation
      • Device test schedules
      • Callout logging

All these features are offered on a customisable dashboard in the form of widgets, meaning only the information you want to see instantly is all in one place. It provides you with the freedom to see what you want when you want.


Is It Easy To Use?

The answer is yes. The system asks you to set up the information you want to see in the form of widgets on your customer account dashboard. These widgets form little infographics on your dashboard.

Customer Account Infographics


Infographics create a visually appealing way to keep you up to date with your customer account. It keeps everything in one place so you can obtain the information you require in a matter of seconds, be it the status of a quote or how many visits you have had this year for reactive maintenance.


Get Your Information On The Go.

With the construction industry going ever more digital as each day passes, gone are the days of fumbling large scale drawings on-site and replaced with laptops and tablets. With that in mind, we have designed the customer account portal to be viewed not just on desktops but also on laptops and tablets. Meaning you can access the up to date information you require on the go or on-site.


Does It Cost To Use The Customer Account Portal, and How Can I Get It?

No added cost. It’s completely free to all our customers with an active service contract. To activate your customer account portal, contact one of our customer service advisors. We will then add this function to your support portal. Should you have a service account with us and want a new way to track your account, why not reach out to our service representatives. All details to contact us appear on our contact page, or call our head office on +44 (0)1282 717171.